Monday, April 29, 2013

April's NewFO's and finishes!

It doesn't look like I did much in April, but, I did.  Instead of making lots of blocks, I hand quilted a quilt.  That takes lots of time.  I finished the hand quilting of this quilt.

Fat Cats in the City quilt
I'm in the process of stitching the binding down on this quilt.  It will be a 'finish' soon.  I'm also stitching the binding on another quilt.  Both of these have to be done by the end of this weekend.  Here is the pillowcase I made to go with the other quilt that is almost done.

Sarah's pillowcase, to match her quilt
I also finished the blocks for my little guilds 'box' exchange.  This month was Marilyn's box.  I made 2 sets of 5 blocks for her. 

Marilyn's 'box' blocks

Marilyn's 'box' blocks, 2nd set
I also got a few blocks for my Harry Potter 'The Project of Doom' made, earlier this month. I'm making 2 of each of these blocks. 

Week #10
 Jennifer, over at Sewhooked, is asking for blocks from this quilt, to be made with a white background, that will be turned into a fundraising charity quilt for Project Linus.  You can find out more about it on her blog, here.  I made 2 different blocks for her. 

charity block for Project Linus

charity block for Project Linus
I also finished 2 other Harry Potter blocks. (for me).

Hedwig, week #11
Week #12

Saturday, April 20, 2013

My latest Find!

I had to get out yesterday, so, before heading back home, I decided to stop by a thrift store a few blocks from where I was.  I headed around a corner of the mens area, and, under the shirts, barely sticking out, was a case.  I'd never seen a case like this, but, I decided I needed to see what was in the case.  I figured it would be a projector or a typewriter.  Nope! 

case I spied, hidden under the mens shirts
I looked closer, and, what do you think I saw????

Ok, I'm getting excited now.  I'd already seen the price tag, before I even saw the word Pfaff.  I opened the case, and....

contents of case
Woohoo!  I snapped that case shut, and quickly put it in my basket.  I wasn't going to let anyone else know what I'd found.  Sewing machines are usually found on the other side of the store, never before in the mens department, under shirts. 

When I got home, I opened up the case to see what I'd just purchased. 

sales slip, warranty, and manual

purchased for $275 on March 18, 1961
This was purchased (floor model) a little over a month before my brother was born.  It was purchased in New Brunswick, NJ. 

Pfaff Automatic 360, with table pulled out, and attachment end added
The table can be pulled out, and the end part is another attachment, to make the table longer. 

Unfortunately, also in the case was a broken lever.  It is the zig-zag finger control lever. (see above, middle dial lever is missing)

broken zig-zag  finger tip control lever

this is where the lever goes
There were also a few other items in the case.

Singer 15 bobbins, Greist ruffler and 2 feet
There was a plastic Singer 15 bobbin in the metal bobbin case.  It didn't fit.  This is what it did.

thread nest from wrong bobbin, I don't know where the other 2 parts go, that are on the plate
This morning, I went to the basement, and grabbed the bag of attachments from my Pfaff 130.  Woohoo!  The bobbins from that machine fit this machine.  She sewed some stitches.

Pfaff 360 stitches
Unfortunately, when they broke the zig zag lever, something else got broken, too.  I can't get this machine into straight stitch mode.  I really want to get this machine to sew with all of it's stitches.  It has more stitches than my modern Janome. 

Pfaff Automatic stitch card, more stitches are shown on the back of the card
It also came with this cool card.  If you turn the dial (one on each side of the card), it tells you what to set each dial at to get that stitch.  Oh my!  I HAVE to get that stitch lever fixed and working.  I want to try out all of these embroidery stitches.  Too much fun! 

I also found a few other things, last night, in my flower bed.  Nope, not flowers.  The dogs found baby bunnies!  Hubby and I caught two of them, last night.  I caught them with my hands.  Poor things, they were so scared.

baby bunny #1

baby bunny #2

Hubby found these a new home last night. 

This morning, when I let the dogs out, guess what!?!  They found more baby bunnies in the same flower bed, that we'd missed last night.  I caught one, but, I just couldn't get down to the other one, and now it has disappeared.  Here is the one I caught this morning.

baby bunny #3
Isn't it just the cutest little thing?  This one has also found a new home.  Maybe we can catch the last one, and find it a new home, too.  Bunnies and dogs don't do well in the same yard.  We had chipmunks in that same area last summer, but, they moved on.  I guess they got tired of being barked at and chased.  Not fun for us or the neighbors. 

I'm picking up another machine today.  It won't be for me.  I'm passing it on.  I'll post about it next week. 

Sunshine today!  Yipee!  I'm going to enjoy it for the short while it is here.  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sewing filled day is interupted

Today is supposed to be my Thursday Sew-in day, then, quilt guild this evening.  All events have been cancelled for today, due to flooding.  Here are a few pictures of my neighborhood.

flooded pond
There is supposed to be a wide, concrete walkway by those bushes on the right.  The pond should be 15-20 feet away from the walkway.  Oops!  No walkway in sight.  Guess it's a 'swimway' now.

another pond near my house

same pond, different view
this road is closed off, since the pond, that should be 20 feet from the road, is now including the road. 

1 block from last pond, 2 blocks from my house

same intersection, close up
I couldn't get back to my house, unless I drove thru this water, for a full block.  No thanks. 

3rd pond, 2 blocks from my house

 More flooding, only 2 blocks another way from my house.

 More flooding, only 2 blocks another way from my house
  The last picture is taken from the street that runs next to my house (just a few feet from my side yard.

right behind my house
The corners of the yards that you can see in the picture, are now under water.  I just found out that the road I took to the lumber yard is now closed.  There are no pond in that area, usually, but, they have a low field behind houses.  The low field was filled with water, and only a few feet from the road when I drove by a few hours ago.

We  had some flooding in our basement.  We have a drain in the window well, but, there is no place for the water to drain to anymore.  I had to buy several 10 foot pieces of 4" tubing, so that we could direct the water from our sump pump out, where it could drain.  Everything is so saturated, after having rain almost every day for the past 2 weeks, then 5-7 inches last night, that, the water was just filling the sump pump drain, over and over.  It is now redirected to the corner shown above. 

We are expecting more rain over the next 20+ hours.  All of Chicagoland is experiencing this flooding.  There are many that are much worse than we are.  We are the lucky ones.  The lady that was supposed to be our guild speaker tonight, is bailing out her basement, not just mopping it up, like I have.   

I hope you are staying dry (and no snow, either).  I'm ready for some sun and warm weather.  April showers, you can leave NOW!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Quilts of Valor updates

On Saturday, I had the honor of presenting a veteran, returning from a deployment, of a Quilts of Valor quilt.  First, was the flag line (which I also got to be a part of).
flag line (me in red)

more of the flag line
After several presentations, I got to do my presentation. 

presenting the Quilts of Valor quilt

family and all of the presenters
 and here is another picture of our veteran (and me) with his quilt.

quilt that was presented

On Tuesday, we had another Quilts of Valor sew-in at a quilt store in Yorkville, IL, Sewing, Etc.  We had several finished quilts, and a few quilt tops handed over to our local chapter. I thought you might want to see them.

finished quilt

another finished quilt

finished quilt

quilt top

quilt top
If you are near the Chicago area, the next sew-in will be on Tuesday, May 7th at Prairie Shop Quilts in Batavia, IL.  We'd love to see you there!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

2 more block finishes!

I've been busy piecing blocks for my Harry Potter, The Project of Doom quilt.  This week I finished blocks for Weeks #11 and 12. 

Week #11, 2 blocks finished

Week #11, up close

Week #11, really up close so that fabrics can be seen on Hedwig
Week #12, both blocks

Week #12, up close
The rest of the week I've been tearing the papers out of the previous blocks (still have some to do), and trying to figure out what 'titles' I want to put on the books.  I'm still trying to figure out how I want to add the titles.  I can cross stitch them, embroider them, or, maybe, just write them on with fabric markers.  With most embroidery, you can use a light box, and copy onto light colored fabrics.  These fabrics are NOT light.  I've not used 'tracing paper' before, so, I don't know if I can 'trace' the titles onto the books, then embroider them.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

I've also cut bindings for 3 quilts, and did some hand quilting on the Fat Cats quilt. 

I'll be headed out shortly to present a Quilts of Valor quilt to a deserving Army Lt. Col.  that is just returning from another tour of duty.  I'll try to get some pictures taken. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Last day of the Sewing & Quilting Expo & Goodies!

Last day of the Sewing & Quilting Expo.  I met lots of fun people at the Expo.  This guy was a vendor at the expo.  He wore a different kilt every day.  He calls them 'utility' kilts.  He sells shoes and baskets and beads for jewelry.  Check out his wild shoes.  All of the shoes were in fun, wild patterns. 

Quilts of Valor got to present 2 different quilts at the Expo.  I missed the first presentation, but, I took pictures of the second presentation.  Both presentations were to former Vietnam Veterans.  Thanks guys, for your service!

Quilts of Valor presented to a Vietnam Veteran and his wife

We also had several young girls in the booth on Saturday, who all got an opportunity to sew a string block for a Quilts of Valor quilt.  I got to help a girl who had never used a sewing machine before.  Her younger cousin was also making her first block at the same time. (Yes, I have permission to post the pictures).

teaching a new sewer how to use a sewing machine

Here is a picture that was taken on someone else's cell phone of the two girls with the blocks that they made.  (Sorry, I can't rotate someone else's pictures, I tried).

The Expo vendors area was like turning a kid loose in a candy shop!  Sweet!  I came home with some yummy fabrics and goodies.  I tried really hard to be good, but, with these goodies, it was just too hard.  At least fabric doesn't have any calories!  

Since I couldn't find my sunscreen for my car last summer, I really needed to buy a new one.  Look what I found!  
sunscreen for my SUV
 My friend and I decided that since I collect vintage sewing machines, I just had to have this topper for my quilt stand.  Also check out some of the squares in the fabric that is hanging up (both taped to the wall, and hanging on the stand).  Perfect for me!  The draped fabrics are all sewing themed fabrics.  Check out the sunglasses, too.

sewing machine topper, and in fabrics
The sunglasses were free, with a $10 purchase.  I spent well over $10 at that booth.  Maybe I'll have to start wearing contacts again, so that I can wear these.

Quilters sunglasses
More sewing themed fabrics came home with me.  I just couldn't resist.

sewing themed fabrics

sewing themed fabrics

key cover on sewing themed fabrics
I also couldn't resist these cute quilters socks.  The fabric is owls.  I plan on using this fabric for an owl themed book for my Harry Potter The Project of Doom quilt.

quilters socks and owl fabric
I also found some cute buttons.  I just couldn't resist these.

sewing themed buttons
Lastly, I just had to get this window decal for my car.  Can you guess why????

vintage sewing machine decal
I got doubles of some of this stuff, for the TOGA (Treadle On Gathering and Academy) that I will be attending in September.  I need items to donate to the raffle table.  Don't you think other 'people powered' sewing machine collectors will like some of this? 

If you want to find some of these materials and items, I think that I have selvedges on all the fabrics, and a web site (or two) for some of the sewing themed items.

There are Sewing & Quilting Expo's all over the country.  You might find one near you.  Check them out.  I had a blast! 

After being gone for the past three days, I'm very behind in my blog reading again.  Sorry if I haven't commented on your blogs or comments.  I'll get caught up in the next few days.