Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 2 of the Sewing Expo

Friday was the 2nd day of the Sewing & Quilting Expo.  During breaks, I got to see more quilts and visit more vendor booths.

The very first few quilts I saw reminded me of a great blogging buddy, Julie, from My Quilt Diary.  Those of you who know Julie, know that she lives in Japan.  I think you can see why I would think of her when I saw these quilts.

Keiko's Kimono

Being Koi

The next quilt was in this same group because it was made from Kimono's.
Fine Feathers...
 These quilts didn't list a makers name, and, most of them are from the 1990's.  Lovely work.

The next set of quilts are from the faculty of the show (different teachers, etc).

Spiderman by Eric Drexler

Stripes, Plaids and Polka Dots by Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Spooling Around by Connie Spurlock

Barn Star by Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Caribbean Fiesta by Nelly Vileikis

Black flowers in the Sky by Victoria Findlay Wolfe
 These quilts are Longarm Showcase quilts.

Garden Orbs, Designed & Pieced by Stephanie Farrell and quilted by Dustin Farrell

 Sorry about the picture quality on the next few BLACK quilts.  The curtains are all jet black, and, even without a flash, the pictures just 'greyed' these lovely quilts out.  I've adjusted the color the best I could, you'll just have to imagine how black they are supposed to be, sorry.
Quilt Tangles by Regina Carter

Shamalama Ding Dong BOOM by Lisa Sipes

Koi, pieced by Janet Shakely, quilted by Dustin Farrell
 As I was taking these pictures, who should I see, standing in front of one of her quilts???  Lisa Sipes!  Of course, I had to get her picture in front of that quilt.  I like Lisa, she is full of fun and energy, and her pose shows it.

Sedona Star by Lisa Sipes (posing)

There was a great Route 66 series of quilts at the Expo.  I only took picture of a few of the quilts.

We used to live near the Blue Whale (near Tulsa, OK)

I've seen this near Amarillo, TX

Marianne Fons arrived at the Expo on Friday.  Quilts of Valor was located in her booth.  Marianne Fons is a huge supporter of Quilts of Valor. 

Indiana  QoV leader, Marianna Fons and Rita, our local chapter leader

several of Friday's QoV workers, with Marianne Fons (I'm far left, next to Marianne)

Making QoV string blocks in the Make & Take booth with Marianne Fons

Quilts of Valor booth

One more day at the Expo, coming up.  


  1. Wow Cheryl! What a great show of the quilts - thanks so much for sharing!!! And sewing with Marianne Fons - you go girl!!!

  2. Love the show, and you got to meet Marianne Fons! That's inspiration.

  3. I like the Spiderman quilt and the Route 66 Series. What fun to have met and sewn with Marianne Fons!

  4. Wow, that is quite a show! I have seen a quilt of a Japanese version of "sunbonnet Sue" and at one time I was collecting drawings thinking some day I might want to make a monthly block quilt with a kimono-clad "Sue".


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