Saturday, November 6, 2021

October goings on

Wow, it's been 5 weeks since I posted last.  It's been a busy 5 weeks.  We left town for over 2 weeks just a few minutes after my last blog post.  Our grandkids and their parents flew down from Alaska, and we met up with them in Texas.  Hubby's parents live a few blocks from my mother, so we got to have 4 generations together from both sides of my family.

4 generations of Parker's

We finally got to meet our youngest grandchild.

Me with Declan, our youngest grandchild

We got to spend a whole week in Texas, making memories with family.  Here are just a few photos.

cousins together with their kids

my best friend of 40+ years

Gwendolynn's Tea Party

Declan at the Tea Party (he's loving his cinnamon toast strips)

sister-in law

Korin & Gwendolynn helping make cinnamon toast

I also got some photos of Gwendolynn in her new ruffled pants that I made her.

She loved modeling her new ruffled pants

I also got photos of Declan (and me) with his new Harry Potter Castle quilt.

Declan in his Harry Potter outfit

the Harry Potter Castle quilt

After a week in Texas, our son's family and hubby and I drove to Oklahoma for another fun filled week.  We used to live in Tulsa, so it was fun going back and seeing friends and places we took our sons when they were little.  We went to the Tulsa Zoo and to the Oklahoma Aquarium.

son's family at the Zoo

in the elephant house

on the Zoo train

underwater at the aquarium

Declan loved the fish

we'd just finished feeding these fish

with Grandpa, checking out more fish

Korin getting to ride the pony at the ice cream shop in Nowata, OK

When I got home, there was a pin cushion waiting for me from the Treadle On Pin Cushion exchange.

pin cushion, phone holder and scissors I received

I also weighed myself after being gone for over 2 weeks (scary).  Well, I did great!  After 9 months of dieting, I've lost 70 lbs. 

70 lbs lighter, in some of my new clothes

Since we got home, we've been busy.  We were witness's at friends renewal of vows.  We had Trunk or Treat at our church, and we helped with a retirement party for our pastor.

oldest son and hubby at Trunk or Treat

I also bought a new sewing machine off the Salvation Army website.

1913 Willcox & Gibbs treadle

great decals

Unfortunately, the treadle is in California.  I'm trying to find it rides here.  I can get it part way here, but there are 'gaps' in the trip.  Hopefully those gaps will get filled so that I can play with this new machine.  The lady who picked it up for me is having fun checking out all the attachments that came with the machine.  

I got mostly caught up with all my blog reading.  I'm only a few days behind now.  

To leave you with a photo of the fall color in  my neighborhood.

my neighborhood's fall colors

Now to get back into my sewing room.  I haven't sewn almost anything since we left on the trip.