Sunday, July 22, 2018

2018 Michigan TOGA


Saturday was the annual Michigan TOGA.  The TOGA moved from Sharon's home (after 10 years) to the Hen House quilt shop in Charlotte, Michigan.  What a great venue!

Sorry I didn't get any pictures of the Hen House.  Oh my, what a huge quilt shop!  I was a VERY good girl, and only got 4 different fabrics (2 for projects, and 2 sewing themed fabrics) some needles and some needle threaders, and some fun goodies.  Sorry, I didn't get any pictures of my purchases. 

I DID get a new sewing machine at the TOGA (surprise, surprise).  I bought a lovely pre-1900 Atalanta hand crank (German) from Tina. 
pre-1900 Atalanta hand crank

goodies that came with the Atalanta hand crank

Thanks Tina for selling me this lovely machine.  I even stitched some exchange blocks for the upcoming Fall Basic half square triangle exchange on this machine. 

I didn't take very many pictures at the TOGA (unlike most years).  Sorry.  I did get my picture taken with someone that some of you might know, Colette from What about Rheema? blog.

Colette and me

Colette brought along her Singer 99 (electric) and we turned it into a hand crank for the day.  So easy to do, and Colette turned it back to electric all by herself.

I did get some pictures of some of the other machines people brought to the TOGA.

I only got a picture of one of the other ladies at the TOGA (bad me).  Here is Diane with her hand crank.
Diane & her hand crank

I took a picture of the great carrying bag that Diane made, to carry her wooden hand crank cases.
Diane's hand crank carry bag

I think I need to make a few of these for my machines. 

What a fun day! 

Thursday, July 19, 2018

One More Project Done!

The other grandmother bought a used high chair.  The cover for the high chair was in bad shape, and you can't wash them.  Not good. 

We brought back the yucky high chair cover from Alaska, after the baby was born.  With my crazy year, I haven't had a chance to get this made.  Here is the old, yucky high chair cover.
yucky, sticky old high chair cover

The baby is almost ready for her high chair, and, with all of them coming back thru next week, it was time to get a new high chair cover made.

My daughter in law likes the Pioneer Woman fabrics and patterns, and her kitchen walls are aqua (goes well with Pioneer Woman stuff).  Since my favorite color is RED, and red goes well with Pioneer Woman, I shopped my stash, and found a fun red print with white flowers. 
finished high chair cover

I traced the outline of the old cover onto fusible fleece.  I ironed the fusible fleece onto this fabric, and quilted it.  After it was quilted, I realized that it really needed to be thicker/heavier, so, I cut out another layer of fusible fleece, and added it to the already quilted fabric, and cut out the pieces. 

To make the cover look 'finished' I added a backing to each of my pieces, leaving an opening and turning them.  It was getting pretty thick at this point, but, my Janome handled it well, with the walking foot.

side view of high chair cover

I haven't used the zig zag feature on my Janome in several years.  Most of my vintage machines are straight stitch only.  I had to test the stitching (length & width) so that I could make openings for the chair straps.  A button hole probably would have been better, but, since I haven't used the button hole accessory but maybe one time, I didn't want to waste that much time trying to figure it out (and they would have been really long button holes, too).  I think my zig zag holes will work well. 

top part that goes over the top of the high chair

Unlike the cover that came with the high chair, this one is washable.  We'll treat it with waterproofing spray next week, then this will be finished.  I'd thought about using vinyl, but, I've never used it before, and, I wouldn't have been able to iron the fleece to it.  This way, I didn't have to go shopping for anything, either. 

My Janome will get packed away now (gotta have the dining room table for the 10 people that will be here for a week).   I still have one project to finish before I pack up my sewing room, and turn it back into a nursery.  I need to make the exchange blocks for the Michigan TOGA this weekend.  Those have to be made on a 'people powered' sewing machine (treadle or hand crank).  My hand crank is NEVER put away, so, these will go quickly. 

Hope you are going to have a fun weekend, too!  

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Binding by machine

I have several finishes to show off.  I've spent the past few days binding by machine, so that these could be finished.

Back in June, I started a set of placemats. 
placemat centers

These are now finished placemats.  I bound them with the faux piping binding method.   Thanks Deonn for the great tutorial.
bicycle placemats
There are 8 of these placemats, not just the 4 shown.  I used my walking foot to stitch the binding on (modern Janome machine).  It was just easier and faster with the modern machine.

Last August, I started making another 14 project bags.  I got them done EXCEPT for the handles and binding.  7 of those project bags have been waiting their turn to get their handles and binding stitched.  I finished these up today. 
7 project bags finished
Normally, I would stitch the binding down with my Featherweight, but, I needed to get these finished quickly, so, my Janome with the walking foot came to my rescue.  I can stitch much faster with the walking foot (my Featherweight doesn't like my vintage walking foot).  These project bags were made on 4 different machines (quilted on a treadle, pieced on a hand crank, handles and one side of binding stitched on the Featherweight, finished on the Janome).  Sometimes it takes a village of machines to get the job done ;)

I have two more projects to do, then I have to close down my sewing room.  My granddaughter, and her entourage are coming back on Sunday night.   Instead of 3 in her entourage, this time there will be 6 in her entourage, and they will be staying for a week.  (Yes, that is 10 people in my house for a week)!  Oh yea, I'll be heading to Michigan on Friday evening for the Michigan TOGA on Saturday.  Yep, busy here.  Lots of cleaning to be done before Friday, too.  I still need to finish gathering all my stuff for the TOGA. 

Friday, July 6, 2018

Not much sewing....

There hasn't been much sewing going on here for weeks.  I was busy preparing for and attending the Missouri TOGA (FUN!!!). More importantly, I was busy cleaning and preparing for a visit from our grandbaby, Gwendolynn.
4 months old

Gwendolynn was only supposed to visit for 2 nights, but, she decided to stay for 8 days!  Woohoo!  I didn't know she was extending her visit until 3 days before she arrived.  My sewing room turned into a nursery.
cutting table as a changing table, floor space for the pack-n-play

A couple of hours before Gwendolynn arrived, I realized that I hadn't made a sheet for the pack-n-play.  Oops!  I quickly pulled out some of the fabric that I'd used for her Peter Pan quilt, and started stitching.
Peter Pan quilt
stitching velcro onto sheet

With an hour to spare, here is her new pack-n-play sheet.
pack-n-play sheet

Gwendolynn brought her mother, other grandmother and aunt to stay with us.  They drove down from Alaska.  (Sorry, it was so busy that I forgot to take pictures of everyone, other than Gwendolynn).

We had a busy week.  On Monday night, Gwendolynn came to visit my little quilt guild.  She brought mommy and her other grandmother along.  We had a fun time.
Gwendolynn and her other grandmother, at quilt guild

some of the ladies at quilt guild

We celebrate July 4th on July 3rd, since Plainfield has their fireworks on the 3rd.  Our church is a mile from where the fireworks are set off, so we have great seats on the church lawn.  The church has games and activities for the kids before the fireworks, and popcorn and glow sticks for everyone.

Here is Gwendolynn in her 4th of July outfit (I'm holding her).

photo bombed by one of the dogs

We went to Culver's for cheese curds and custard before the fireworks.  Gwendolynn slept with her new sunglasses on.

Gwendolynn and her entourage left for Virginia on the 4th, for a wedding this weekend.  They also have a family reunion in Tennessee later this month, where my son, his father in law and Gwendolynn's other uncle will join them.

When the reunion is over, all 7 of them will come back to my house for a week before they all head back to Alaska. (10 of us in the house for a week).

Before they come back, I have more cleaning to do and several projects to finish.  I'll also have the Michigan TOGA just before they get back to my house.

I took the last 2 days off to rest, but now I have to get busy while I have my sewing room available.  I have a baby quilt to finish...
blocks are made, waiting to be finished

a set of placemats to finish...
centers are made, lots left for these placemats

and I'm supposed to make a new high chair cover for them to take back with them to Alaska, along with several other things with due dates.  We'll see how much I get done.  At least the temps have finally dropped (and the humidity) for a few days. 

Are you getting any sewing done this July???