Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Teapot Tuesday & Something (re) finished

Art Deco cloisonné teapot
Ann's Train quilt top
I received this cloisonné teapot from a friends Aunt several years ago.   I had met her Aunt several times when my friend and I lived in Tulsa.  After my friend moved to Denver, I went for a visit, and we visited her Aunts home.  When her Aunt found out that I loved teapots, she took me into another room and handed me this teapot in the green box.  After oohing and aahing over it, she told me it was now mine.  This is an extra special teapot to me, especially since the Aunt has now died.

Top of Quilt top
 Ann's Train quilt is a re-do.  Ann had problems with this quilt top.  Serious problems!  The sashing was coming apart in lots of places, it also didn't fit properly in other places.  The block edges were torn in several places, too.  Ann gave this to me to see if I could fix it for her last fall.  A friend (thanks Kay) helped me to rip it all apart.  I had to cut the blocks down to save them.  I just couldn't fix all the rips.  I found some material that was a close match to the sashing and cornerstones and cut it to fit the new blocks.  I used the border fabric that had been on the quilt before I took it all apart.  Ann did lots of appliqué on this quilt top.  It was really hard to repair without sewing over the edges of the appliqué.  There are lots of bias edges in each square.  I brought this re-finished quilt top back to Ann in Texas.

As you can tell, I'm on another trip.  This is the last one for a while, thank goodness.  We came to Texas for my nieces wedding.  It was a wonderful wedding.  While I've been here, I've visited several thrift and antique stores.  LOTS of vintage machines, but, most of them are way overpriced.  I've also seen lots of lovely antique quilts.  I wish I'd taken some pictures.  I did buy one small wall hanging.  I'll take pictures of it when I get home.  I haven't bought much, but, I've sure had fun looking. 
Bottom of quilt top

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  1. What a cool teapot!!!!! Great job on the redo! I really like the fabric for the sashing.


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