Monday, September 5, 2011

Thrift Store fun and a win!

 I didn't mean to tease anyone a few posts back.  I've been really busy traveling, and haven't had much time to take pictures and post.  Seven out of state trips in seven weeks is wearing me out. 

I took my oldest back to college the end of August.  On the way back home, I stopped at a few Goodwill stores in Iowa.  I've not had time to stop before.  I had lots of fun browsing. 

Doily's and thread 'chair'
 I found two different buttonholer attachment sets at the same store.  Would you believe they were only 99 cents each?  SCORE! 

I found the thread 'chair' at the first store.  I've seen them before (I donated one to the raffle for the TOGA I attended).  The other one's I've seen have a pin cushion in the seat of the chair.  I may have to make a pin cushion for this one.  The chair will hold three spools of thread on either side of the seat.  There is also a place to store scissors behind the back of the chair.  It also has a cute little storage area under the seat.  I don't know what is supposed to go there.  
2 different 'Buttoneer's'

Look what I won!
I love doily's.  I will someday make a quilt using some of my doily's.  I found these lovely doily's at one of the thrifts stores.

At the last thrift store I found these patterns.  They were only 25 cents each.  I bought them for the applique in the patterns.  I'll probably give the purse pattern to one of my friends who makes lots of purses.

Lastly, I found these buttoneers at two different thrift stores.  The gold set has all the little plastic pieces to attach buttons with.  I thought these were so cool when I was a kid.  I always wanted one, then I found two in one day.  The instructions for the gold one is written in English and Japanese. 

I won the second prize at Sandi's blog back in mid August.  These lovely Christmas goodies came in the mail the day before I left town for a week.  Sorry I didn't get this posted before now.  Sandi even included a note in a vintage Santa card. Sew cute!  Thanks Sandi!  I'll have fun with these great fabrics.


  1. Isn't junkin' fun? Congratulations on the win. What pretty fabrics!

  2. Wow!!! I love your finds! How fun! =) I found an old singer in a cabinet at an estate sale. Great condition... $95. I just couldn't buy another was REALLY hard to walk away! I thought of you though! =)

  3. p.s. I have a ton of doilies from my great grandma. I'll have to show you! I have all her crochet yarn so I made a bunch of doilies myself (when I was younger)!

  4. The doilies and chair are adorable! Congrats on the wonderful deal on the buttonholer attachments.

  5. Next time you are in Iowa, give me a yell, okay? =)


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