Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Santa Block Exchange Quilt Show

Helen's block
 My small quilt guild decided to have another Santa block exchange this year.  We had one back in 2005.  We signed up by the January 2011 meeting to make 12.5" blocks that had a Santa in either the fabric, or, was appliqued.  The block had to be in traditional Christmas colors, and had to include the color green. 
Emily's block

Janette's block
 The blocks could be embellished in any way the maker wanted to embellish them.
Gwen's block

Kay's block #1
 Two of us signed up twice (two sets each).  That made a total of 10 sets of Santa blocks.  The blocks were to be exchanged at the July 2011 meeting. 
Kay's block #2

Thelma's block
The finished quilt top was to be shown at the December Christmas Party, which was last night.  One lady brought her quilt top to the November meeting, but, didn't bring it back to the December meeting, so, I don't have a picture if her quilt top.  She's in the middle of changing her quilt top.  She wasn't happy with her end results.  I thought it was pretty at the last meeting.  Since she also signed up for two sets of blocks, her quilt was HUGE!
Marilyn's blocks

My block #1
 Since I signed up twice, I received two of each block (Marilyn's blocks were done in two different color ways, same design).  That meant that I had 20 blocks, including my four blocks. 

Ladies of all different skill levels signed up to make the blocks.  These block exchanges are always a good way to learn new techniques.  I've seldom done applique before now.  I decided to make one of my sets of blocks applique.  The other set I wanted to use fussy cut Santa's and create a design around whatever size I needed to make the fussy cut part.  I dislike math, but, this was good for me to exercise my brain.  It was fun trying to figure out what I wanted to do.

Some of the blocks didn't quite turn out to measure at 12.5" square.  I decided to 'frame' my blocks, then, I framed them again and made them 'wonky'.  They finished at 20" square when I was done with them. 

Since the blocks finished at 20" after I was finished with them, I decided that that was plenty big enough, and didn't use my blocks in the quilt.  I have something else planned for my blocks.  I'll show them in a later post.

Well, the Christmas Party was last night.  Good food, fun quilts, and quilty gifts, too! (more on that at the end of the post).  Our usual 1 1/2 hour meeting turned into over 3 1/2 hours.  This is my favorite quilt guild.  It is a tiny guild (about 15 ladies in all), but, everyone gets along, and, since it is so small, no one gets 'lost' and newcomers are always welcomed (and welcomed and welcomed).  You have to be more creative with your meetings when you are small and don't have much of a budget for speakers.  We are always looking for new projects to 'demo'.  Any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated.  We can't bring machines very often, since several of the ladies just can't lift theirs into and out of their cars.  That limits us.
My block #2

My quilt top

I am planning on adding borders to my quilt top.  I'm going to add red to the top and bottom, and green to each side.  I think this will make the 'alternate' pattern show up better.  I think this quilt needs to be machine quilted, not hand quilted, so, since I don't machine quilt, I don't know when this quilt will be finished.  Oh well.

Thelma's quilt hanging #1
Thelma's quilt hanging #2

 Gwen (Thelma's daughter) decided to make wall hangings with her blocks.  When Thelma saw them, she liked them and copied the idea.  The extra blocks are on the back of the hangings, so that they can be turned over for a change.  Gwen didn't bring her wall hangings, so, I don't have pictures of hers.

Emily's quilt

Emily's 'pillowcase' with her quilt top

 Emily is sending her quilt and the pillowcase to a niece for Christmas.  All the other kids in her family have Christmas quilts.  I love her idea of using the extra block as a pillowcase.

Marilyn's 'Jewish' Santa quilt

 Marilyn is Jewish, but wanted to participate in the Santa block exchange.  She decided to add something 'special' to her quilt to make it fit her better.  She used some of her Hanukkah fabrics to make Hanukkah gift blocks in the center of her quilt.  I love the added 'stars' in her sashing, too.

Helen's quilt

Helen added the 'Merry' and 'Christmas' blocks to the bottom of her quilt.  She did some great stitching in the sashing, too.  It makes the quilt look like it has holly and berries on the sashing.  Sew cute!

I love that no one's quilt turned out like someone elses (with the exception of Gwens and Thelma's, but, that one was planned).  We quilters are a creative bunch.

We had a gift exchange, too.  We could spend $10 on a 'quilty' gift.  Below is what I got.

 I picked my package because of the cute snowman, bell ornament on it.  I'll have fun using these notions.  I love notions!  I could have used the Quilt block organizing hearts when I was putting the Santa blocks together.  I just used strips of paper instead. 

I hope you enjoyed my Santa block quilt show.  Now, to the dentist, then, back to my Santa blocks that didn't go into the quilt.  I'm occupying my sewing 'space' this week (since I don't have a sewing room). 

Occupy Sewing Room

 Check it out over at Cat Patches.


  1. How wonderful they all turned out. Notions are always a good gift.

  2. Very nice quilts and quilt hangings!

  3. They are all nice! I really like the one with stars in the sashing. That is way cool!!

  4. What a great Christmas Quilt show!! Those Santa blocks were just adorable.

  5. I really enjoyed your Christmas quilt show. All the quilts and hanging look great. My favourite block is your applique Santa with the mistletoe.

  6. whow there are some great projects there,well done girls


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