Monday, March 5, 2012

Quilt Show pictures (lots of lovely eye candy) Part 2

The quilt show had a 'challenge' category.  They had to take a piece of material with words on it (pale gold material), a diamond (either in shape, or a gem) and it must portray a favorite childhood rhyme.  Each entry was wonderfully creative.  I only took pictures of a few of them.  There were so many of them.  I've never seen so many entries in a challenge before.  I hope that you enjoy them.
A Crooked little house

I loved the crazy quilt look of this entry.  It listed several different children's rhymes

3D sleeves and I loved that thimble in her finger.

someones grandkids in a rhyme, how cute

I wish you could see the layers of grass in this quilt.  It really looked like grass.  Lots of 3D in this one

she rewrote the rhyme to fit being a grandmother and a quilter.  Loved all the sewing things

lovely embroidery and applique

4 & 20 blackbirds, count them

I got permission to take a picture of a quilt in a vendors booth.  I don't do art quilts, and I've only embellished maybe one quilt, but, I just loved this 'fish'

loved this fish!

I hope you enjoyed all the eye candy!  My quilt guilds show will be this weekend, and, hopefully I'll get a chance to take some pictures of quilts to show you.  I'll be demo-ing my vintage hand crank and treadle sewing machines, so, I'll have to find someone to watch my booth so that I get a chance to see the quilts myself. 

If you are in the Chicago area on March 10 & 11, 2012,  come check out 'Stars of the Prairie" and the Pride of the Prairie Quilt show at Richland Grade School, 1919 Caton Farm Road, Crest Hill, Illinois.

Well, I'm off to my other quilt guild tonight.  We're finally having our Valentine's block lotto.  Too many members couldn't make it to the February meeting.  I'll try to take pictures of all the different blocks.


  1. Thank you for all the wonderful eye candy. I like the Mary, Mary one the best! Have a great week!

  2. Amazing quilts, such talented quilters.

  3. Such creativity and whimsy! So glad you shared.

  4. Hello Cheryl....Wow Wow Wow!!!! Wonderful quilts and a very Quilty Blog you have here. First, let me thank you for stopping by my Blog CollectInTexas Gal and commenting on the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo Post. Yes...I do live in San Angelo and this year was the first time to attend the Rodeo since moving here in 2007. It was great and I must say very different from the last Rodeo's I went to about the same time as you in 1995 in Pecos, Texas. Yep, 'The Law West of The Pecos Rodeo'...I bet you have heard of it, too!

    Secondly, I am a Quilter and a former Quilt Shop Owner. I owned a shop in Fort Stockton, Texas before moving to San Angelo. I am a LongArm Quilter and still have my machine, though I don't quilt for the public any longer. I have a collection of fabric and quilts that take up a garage studio, and several bedrooms. I've been trying to downsize since closing my shop and moving to San Angelo....still working on that. It's difficult as I love fabric, the quilts and quilting.

    So fellow Texas Gal and Quilter...nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by and come again.

  5. I love a quilt show blog. We can't get to them all, but we can share our photos. Thanks for sharing yours. I never thought to depict a nursery rhyme on a quilt... how fun.


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