Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Quilt Show!

I've been really busy lately.  My hubby turned 50 last week, and, on Saturday, we had a party for him.  Oldest son came in from college on Friday afternoon.  I worked really hard to get everything done so that a friend and I could go to a local quilt show Friday morning.  I'm sorry about the pictures.  They moved the show this year, and, there wasn't much lighting to see by.  The quilts were hung in a dark, windowless gym. 
Loved the applique on this quilt

had to take pictures of this 'cat' quilt

I love the movement in this quilt.  Nice colors, too.

love how the quilting radiates out from the center

lovely colors

there were several quilts in this pattern. I liked this one best

very long table runner with turtles, sew cute!

loved this giraffe

look at all the tiny pieces in this quilt

made from baby clothes

she made 2 baby quilts for her grandkids

look at the zipper

ruffles and a pocket

loved this bear

small, but, really nice

hankie baskets

'Love Birds' mini quilt

Hope you enjoyed the show, I know that I did, even though the aisles were cramped and dark. 


  1. It looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I really love the New York beauties quilts, but a couple more really caught my eye. The black and white string quilt is wonderful! And the other rainbow quilt is beautiful!

    Fun quilts. I love to see what other people make. Such talent!

  3. Some really lovely quilts there! I loved the birds and the giraffe quilts. I'm collected fabrics for that "Oh My Gosh" quilt. The tiny pieces are putting me off a bit, but it is such a lovely quilt when done. A few projects away and I'll devote myself to that! Thanks for posting the pictures.

  4. I absolutely love that Hunter's Star. Do you happen to remember what kind of fabrics were used?

  5. What wonderful quilts. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and your photos. If you were to put the widget for follow by e-mail on your sidebar, I'd follow your blog. =)

    dezertsuz at gmail


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