Friday, September 13, 2013

A Week's worth of updates

I've been busy around here, getting ready for several upcoming events.  One you'll hear about at the end of this post, the other, you won't hear about until 'after' the event.  Lets just say that I'll be in vintage sewing machine bliss.

A few things have gotten done around here.  Starting with the embroidery on another 2 Harry Potter blocks.  Here are the blocks, on my new design wall.
embroidery done on 2 blocks

Prefects Who Gained Power book

The Boy Who Lived (Twice): The Real Story by Rita Skeeter and Matical Flora & Fauna books

Predicting the Unpredictable book
Hubby also got something finished.  About 20 years ago, hubby's uncle made me a porch swing.  The swing has needed to be rebuilt for a few years now.  Hubby decided to take the old swing apart, to use it as a template, and build a new swing. 

swing that hubby built
Didn't hubby do a great job!  He even included a piece of the old swing underneath, so that the original swing will be a part of this swing.  Hubby's uncle died many years ago, so, we didn't want to 'forget' who made the first swing. 

On Monday, my little quilt guild celebrated it's 10th Anniversary with a Tea Party!  Several of us have been members since the first Members Tea, that started the guild.  I love this guild.  It is 'cozy' and nice.  It was my first quilt guild.

Thelma made us a special cake to celebrate the event.

10th Anniversary celebration cake
We also had decorations!

some of the decorations

tables all set up, waiting for the quilters to arrive
We had a pot luck dinner.  The food was wonderful!  We also had drawings for prizes and we even had fun painting 'favors' as an activity.  (sorry, I forgot to take pictures).

Here are pictures of our members.

Wego Quiltin' Quilt Guild members

Wego Quiltin' Quilt Guild members

Wego Quiltin' Quilt Guild members
Some members turned in philanthropy projects that we've been working on.  We got 3 wheelchair size quilts for the veterans home.  This is our November project.

wheelchair size veterans quilt

2 matching wheelchair size quilts (shown one front, and one back)
This guild is also collecting placemats that will be given to our local Meals on Wheels group.  We need over 75 placemats to hand out at Christmas.  Here are the first 17 placemats, turned in. 

17 placemats for Meals on Wheels

An update on my baby commission quilt.   Last night, hubby and I delivered the quilt.  It was well received.  Here is the new owner, sitting in hubby's lap, with her new (and her old, tattered) quilts.

the new quilt owner and my hubby
I know that the quilt is well accepted, as it was drug all over the house, along with the tattered quilt. 

One of the things I've been doing this past week is cutting out quilt kits.  I've cut 4 quilt kits, so that I'll have plenty to work on at my upcoming demo.  

If you are in the western suburbs of Chicago the last weekend of September, come visit me at the Kendall County Historical Society's Fall Festival

Fall Festival

40th Annual Fall Festival
Sept 28th & 29th 10am – 4pm
Admission $5 adults children 7-12 $2
Crafts, Flea Market, Farm Demos, Antique farm equipment and much, much more.
located at 7935 Rt. 71 Yorkville, IL
I'll have a booth (inside the new building) with some of my vintage sewing machines and quilts.  Come stitch with me!

If you want to know more about this event, I also participated last year (blog post here).

I'll only have access to my lap top the next 2 weeks, so, no blog posts.  I can't load pictures on the lap top, and I like photos in my blog posts.  Don't worry, you'll get TONS of pictures and several posts in early October, after Fall Festival.  
Happy Friday the 13th!


  1. Wow! You live an active life. Love your HP books and their titles. Good choices.
    There is lots of creativity at your house. Hubby did a wonderful job on the swing.
    Congrats on your Guild Anniversary. Sounds like a fun and busy group.
    Sorry I won't be to your Fall Festival... this year. Maybe next.

  2. What a fun post!! I am sorely jealous of your backyard swing! That is just more than AWEsome! I love to rock and/or swing. It's sooths the brain and body. =)

    Fun quilts and what a great quilter's party. Have a good time at the Festival! Wish I could be there =)


  3. You've been so busy! The wee girlie looks so pleased as does your hubby

  4. Isn't it grand when someone loves their new quilt!

  5. I love it all! The swing, the guild, the potter, the assorted quilts. I wish I could come to Chicago and tell you in person.

  6. You have really been busy! The tea looks like it was lots of fun - neat cake! I love your projects and the little girl loves hers! ~Jeanne

  7. The swing is BEAUTIFUL! And as always the Harry Potter blocks look incredible! Going to have to see if I can convince my hubby to take a trip to Yorkville at the end of September. ;)

  8. Tell your hubby that he did a great job on the swing. Seeing it makes me want to hop on and relax....ahhh.
    Great job on the HP books. I always love to see the titles you come up with :)
    And I'm so excited to see your post on old sewing machine heaven. Can't wait!!

  9. Where to start here with all your projects...great job on the embroidery blocks...I've been in that mode as well. Loved the cake and seeing the Quilt Guild Anniversary party...congratulations on being a founding and loyal member. Very special quilts for the Vets and Senior Citizens Meals on Wheels. We did the Meals Placemats here one year through the Wool and Cotton Shop. Love the swing...good job, Hubby! Good luck with the show...sounds like you are well prepared and ready...wish I was closer...I'd come stitch with ya!!!
    Sue CollectInTexasGal~Today's Post~
    Mind Messin' Scarecrow Stitchin'


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