Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I'm really sewing! and 200 followers!

I really am sewing here, even if I've not been posting about it.  I even have pictures as proof.

post WWII 'Victor' treadle
See all the blocks I finished stitching today on my lovely 'Victor'?  I'm supposed to be at the Quilts of Valor sew-in, but, I think I'm trying to fight something off, and didn't want to go, so, I stayed home and worked on the same project that I would have worked on at the sew-in.  Now to square up these blocks so that I can put everything together.

I have quite a few 'extra' half square triangles from this project, too.

'extra' HST's, ironed and waiting for....who knows what?
I'm also working on a commission quilt.  I was asked to replace the backing on 'Grandmother's quilt', but, not to take out any of her quilting.  I 'tied' the new backing on, over the old, faded backing, and carefully put the stitches in the corners of blocks, so that they would not be seen.  Now I'm burying the threads.  There are LOTS of threads!  I will still have to stitch the binding onto the front (just like Grandma did the first time).

lots of threads to be buried
I've also been working on this years Christmas mini quilts.  A few years ago, I gave family and friends a mini quilt stand with a Santa mini quilt.  Last year they all got Valentine's mini quilts.  This year.....

maple leaves with acorns quilted in the center
Don't worry, the people who get these don't read my blog. 

I've also been working on a 'secret' project for my little quilt guild.  We are all supposed to make either a 14.5" or 16.5" snowman block.  The sizes are 'standard pillow form sizes' so, if the recipient wants, they can turn their block into a pillow. 

This is what I've done on my snowman, so far.  This is due Dec. 2nd. 

embroidery on my snowman block
This is from one of the '100 Blocks' magazines.  When it's done, I'll post which issue.  I don't want to give 'too much' away yet.  Now to find some buttons for his eyes, and make his 'frame'. 

Hey!  Guess What!?!?!?!?!  I now have 200 followers!!!!  I've also written more than 200 blog posts, too.  Oh my!  I'll have to figure out something for a giveaway soon to celebrate.

Well, time to get back to stitching!  Lots left to do!


  1. Can't wait to see how all your projects turn out, especially the snowman! He's already adorable! Congrats on the 200 posts and followers! I, for one, love all your posts!

  2. I really like snowmen, so that would be a favorite. Your machine is a classic, isn't it? Beautiful!

  3. Oh, do get well soon. Congratulations on your milestones!

  4. You have been busy! That snowman is going to be a darling block! And the mini-quilts are a great idea. Hoping you feel better soon. ~Jeanne

  5. Congrats on the 200 posts and followers! The snowman is going to be tooooo cute.

  6. SO fun to see your Victor working over there while I enjoy sewing on it's twin machine over here!

  7. Wow, you have been busy. Love your blocks! Sorry but acorns don't develop into maple trees... they are very "Autumnal" though.
    Thanks for the stamp tip.

  8. Oh, and Congrats on the 200 followers!

  9. Love your snowman block. Feel better soon!

  10. Congrats on 200 followers & posts Cheryl!!! It's been a pleasure getting to know you :*) That little snowman block made me smile! You've been busy - even Santa's elves are jealous!!!

  11. 200 lucky people, reading your wonderful posts. It is a win all around.
    My dashboard used to tell when my first post was made but that changed with one of google's "improvements". I guess post number must still be there. Sometimes I think I can get more done if I don't attend a group meeting ... counting travel time, especially.

  12. Congrats on your post and followers! Your Victor machine looks like a lot of fun, and somewhat masculine for some reason! LOL I can't imagine the time and effort you are putting into repairing grandma's quilt, but, God bless you!


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