Saturday, November 16, 2013

Quilt Show!

First, let me apologize for not posting lately.  I've been really, really busy this month.  I am working on projects, but, no pictures.  I'll try to post something else, soon. 

Today, a friend and I went to the Sewing & Quilting Expo in Tinley Park, IL.  Yes, we also went to the expo back in the spring, at a larger venue, but, we got free tickets, so, we went again.  This was a much smaller expo than the one in the spring, but, they had different quilts at this one. 

There was a wonderful display of vintage quilt tops that had been sent to some of the best long arm quilters in the business to see what they would do with these tops.  Oh my!  I tried to include a close up picture of each, to show off the quilting. 

quilter: DeLoa Jones

quilter: Ginny Rippe

up close of embroidery

quilter: Vicki Maloney

up close of one square

quilter: Barbara Dann

up close of one square

quilter: Sue Papalia

up close of quilting

quilter: Wilma Cogliantry

up close of the quilting

quilter: Claudia Pfeil

up close of the quilting

quilter: Jackie Herbert??

up close of quilting

quilter: M&M Quilting

up close of quilting

quilter: Debbie Kauffman

up close of hummingbird, there were also butterflies, dragonflies, and other things

quilter: Karen McTavish

up close of blocks

quilter: Marty Vint

up close of blocks

quilter: Vicki Maloney

up close of quilting

quilter: Sue Patten

interesting quilting motif in quilting

There were other quilts, too.

by Connie Guhlstorf

up close of block

Mary Fons

up close of block

Elizabeth Dackson

Barbara Yates Beasley

Judy Ross

Margaret Williams

Caroll Ivy

Alice Zeman

up close of small blocks

Sharon Moran

love how some blocks are 'framed' and some are not

There were more quilts inside the vendor area.  There were several from Victoria Findlay Wolff, but, since I've shown some of these before (from the last expo) I didn't take more pictures of these.  Oh yea, Victoria is coming to one of my quilt guilds in July 2014.

Here are the rest of the pictures.

longarmer: Dustin Farrell

up close of top corner, sorry about the color, it is deep black, and stunning to look at

Judy Tucker
 This one is for everyone that is already missing summer.

Linda Marcangelo
 This one is made from kimonos, all in silk

no name on the description sheet, oops!

Shirley Van Dyke?

Ebony Love

Cindy Sarino?

I got a few names wrong, sorry.  They came thru blurred on my camera.  I did try to get everyone's names on their quilts.

I was a VERY GOOD GIRL in the vendors area.  I bought 2 discounted pieces of fabric for a quilt that I'm making for Quilts of Valor.  Now I can finish it.  I also bought 2 120" tape measures.  I can't ever keep up with the one I have, because it is always being brought upstairs, or downstairs.  Now I have one for both, with a spare, just in case.  I also bought a pattern that I've been looking at for a while now.  It will be great for scraps.


  1. Beautiful quilts - gorgeous quilting!

  2. Stunning quilts, thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Beautiful quilts. Those girls arent' quilters though....they are artists! Stunning!

  4. Beautiful quilts. Those girls arent' quilters though....they are artists! Stunning!

  5. What a wonderful show of exquisite quilting! I am sure you got a lot of ideas from seeing these works! Glad you are OK after the storms!

  6. As always, such beautiful quilts that help to inspire! Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful images! :)

  7. Wow! What a lovely quilt show! A prolific group of quilters too... how fun!


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