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Barbara, over at Cat Patches hosts the NewFO's party each month.  I ran out of time to do my posts for September and October.  I'll add a bit of those months to my November NewFO post. 

I had a Treadle On Block Exchange that was due Oct 1st.  I was really late starting these, and, they took much longer than I thought they would.  I didn't like how the pattern was drafted.  If I make these again, I will do them much differently.  As Treadle On blocks, they had to be made on a 'people powered' sewing machine, so, they were made on my 1925 Singer 99 hand crank.  I finished them on my Minnesota trip.

Treadle On Block Exchage (TOBE) blocks
Also in September, I 'started' some blocks for 12" mini quilts. 

3 different colorways of Maple leaf blocks
These were made on 2 different hand cranks.  I'm in the process of hand quilting them.  I'm running really late on these (they are Christmas presents).  I've been working on 2 different commission quilts instead of working on these. 

here is one that has been hand quilted

The very last weekend of September, at the Lyons Farm Fall Festival, where I got to show off some of my vintage sewing machines, I started (see, another 'new') quilt top.

started these blocks on this treadle
Here is the finished quilt top.

finished Quilts of Valor top
In October, after I got my 1959 Singer Spartan hand crank's tension fixed, I finally got to start designing how Connor's quilt blocks would go together.   I 'started' the blocks back in the spring of 2012, but, I 'started' designing the setting of the blocks in October.

Connor's quilt top
 I also designed pillow shams to match this quilt (shhh... they are still a secret!)

matching shams
These went to the long arm quilter early in November.  I picked them up after Thanksgiving, and, I'm working on finishing the shams (haven't started that yet) and binding the quilt. 

November was a BUSY month for me!  I started (and finished) a Snowman block for an exchange with my little quilt guild.

started the embroidery on the snowman

finished snowman block
I also had a commission quilt that I needed to replace the backing on.  This was grandma's quilt, and the backing was faded and worn out.  I was given a pink flannel for the backing.  I tied the quilt, and buried all of the strings so that they wouldn't show. 

finished commission quilt

binding was done (again) just like grandma had done the previous binding

I was NOT asked to fix where the fabric on the front had worn away, the green is the old backing showing thru

some of the cute prints in the quilt

another cute print in the quilt
This quilt was picked up earlier this week, and, the client was very happy with my work (yipee)!

I was also asked in November to do another commission.  A lady needed someone to finish her quilt blocks and top, as she is unable to do so at this time.  This is a (multiple) block of the month from a local quilt shop.  This is what I've done so far.

Saltbox sampler blocks
Some of these blocks are 'fiddly' so, I made a block for me, with my fabrics, before I used her kits to make her blocks.  These are my blocks.  I made a total of 20 blocks.  I'll start on the border blocks and applique later this month. 

This is only the things that I've stopped and taken pictures of.  There has been more done that I'll try to post at a later date (if I get time). 


  1. You have been stunningly productive! Lovely work. I especially like Connor's quilt.

  2. Wow! You have been REALLY busy! But, your work is beautiful! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that QOV! The round blocks look like they are floating! And Conner's quilt is cool! He's gonna love it. I am flying, but, I am gonna get back to you on my Spartan!

  3. I love all your lovely quilts and blocks. I was out of breath just reading about all you are doing.

  4. You HAVE been busy. Love all your work, but I especially love the blocks in the first photo. Don't tell me....they are paper pieced. :p Am I right?

  5. Love the red/white - oh my! And what a treasure in the heritage quilt.

  6. Everything is fantastic and I love, love, love the Treadle On Block Exchange - it is so striking! Of course, that snowman is a favorite too! ~Jeanne

  7. Everything looks great, and your snowman is adorable.

  8. My goodness girl! You are so busy - not only with your own projects but others too! Wow - that "grandma" quilt is so special! I have one like that - my daughter-in-law has asked if there is anything I can do to save it but I'm not sure that I can. Yours looks pretty good!!! Love that little snowman block - he looks like he's smiling at me :*)

  9. Busy little bee! You certainly accomplished a lot recently.

  10. have been busy!
    Love the commission quilt that you repaired... great job!

  11. I like the TO blocks. Connor's quilt top is stunning!

  12. Cheryl, you were one of the winners in December for the Quilters' Book Club. Please e-mail me your mailing address at Congratulations!

  13. Cheryl, I'm sorry. I meant to say you were one of the winners in November!


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