Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 - Progress and Finishes

I don't due resolutions, since they are usually broken quickly.  This past year, I chose a word instead.  Progress.  I wanted to see if I could make some 'Progress' on several projects.  No pressure, didn't have to finish, just make some progress.  Some projects didn't see any progress at all (there is always 2014), but, many other projects did see various amounts of progress in 2013. 

In January, I found a small quilt that I'd made and hand quilted several years ago, but, never put the binding onto.  It was my first finish of the year.

small Flag quilt
In February, I started making blocks for the Harry Potter Project of Doom bookcase quilt.  I paper pieced the first 12 blocks, and started the embroidery on some of those blocks. I am making 2 of each block for this quilt, one to finish for me (keep your hands off this one, boys) and a spare of each block, in case one of my boys tries to steal my quilt.

first 10 blocks on my design wall

After these first 12 blocks were made, I made 2 for a charity quilt.

block for charity quilt

block for charity quilt
I also started embroidering the titles on some of the books.

My little quilt guild had a 'Box' exchange.  Several of us participated.  Here are the blocks I made for each person's 'Box'.  I've never done anything with the blocks that were made for me. 

block for Kay

block for Kay

block for Kay
block for Thelma

block for Thelma

block for Thelma

block for Thelma

blocks for Marilyn

blocks for Marilyn
block for Emily

block for Emily
block for Janette
I also finished two (late) mini Wedding quilts in February.

I learned how to make pillowcases in 2013.  I made my very first pillowcase for my son's girlfriend (now fiance).
Krystal's pillowcase
I made a graduation quilt and pillowcase for my niece.  It was only a year late (catching on to my 'theme' yet)?

Sarah's graduation quilt
Sarah's pillowcase
While I was learning how to make pillowcases, I also made 2 for my best friends daughter.

pillowcase for Rene'

another pillowcase for Rene'
A while back, another friend asked me to make a special quilt for her.  I finally got it done and delivered in May.

Betty and her 'Fat Cats' quilt
I also made a small quilt for another very good friend.  I found the embroidery (already done) at a thrift store, and made a border for it, using hexies (another new thing I learned in 2013).

Kay's quilt
My little guild also makes preemie quilts for a local hospital.  I contributed 7 this year.

I was asked to make a baby quilt, just like the one I gave (I didn't make the first one) because the first quilt was shredded.
the shredded quilt
the quilt I made to replace the first quilt

replacement quilt
This quilt was well received, but, she still won't turn the shredded quilt loose. Instead, she now carries BOTH quilts around everywhere. 

I participated in some Treadle On block exchanges this year.  The first block I made was for the River Rat TOGA quilt.

block for River Rat TOGA quilt
I also made block to exchange at the River Rat TOGA in September.  I used 2 different machines and made the blocks in 3 colors.

made on 'Victor' my post WWII treadle
made on my 1925 Singer 99 hand crank
made on both machines above
I was also in the advanced block exchange.  The blocks were pretty, but, I wouldn't paper piece them again if I had it to do over.  Just too many seams that came together.

Advanced TOBE blocks
I also got several tops finished for Quilts of Valor. 

finished and hanging at the Quilt Expo show in April
this one is my favorite
just needed to have the blocks sewn together

from a Joann's kit, top #1

from a Joann's kit, top #2

from extra 'orphan' blocks
from a pattern
I was asked to replace the backing on 'Grandma's' quilt.  They supplied the fabric, and, I tied it in place, over the old backing, so that we didn't have to take out grandma's quilt stitches. 

commission quilt
I'm also helping some finish a block of the month quilt.  So far, I've made these 20 blocks.  I'll start on the borders this month.

Saltbox Sampler blocks
My little guild had a Snowman block exchange at our Christmas party.  Here is the block I made.
16.5" block
I made Maple Leaf mini quilts as gifts this year.  Several years ago, I sent a mini quilt and a frame to several family members and friends.  Each year they get a new mini quilt for their frame.  I didn't get any good shots of the finished mini quilts, so, you get 3 of the quilts, with my nephews gift, before I wrapped and mailed them.  I finished 11 of the 13 I started on.  #12 is for me (just needs the binding stitched down) and #13 is an orphan block on my design wall.

3 of the Maple Leaf mini quilts (and Ross' Mustang plaque
I also finally finished my youngest son's graduation quilt.  He graduated in May 2012.  The main reason the quilt wasn't finished was that he was also helping to design the quilt, and, he left home a week after he graduated, then moved to Oklahoma for college.  Kinda hard to design something when one of the designers isn't around.

Connor's quilt, finished
pillow shams in the making
Connor on his quilt and shams.  I think he likes them
label on Connor's quilt, he helped design this, too
Here are the last 2 things I made in 2013.  They will also be in a separate post for 2013 NewFO's.

My father in law has his doctorate in physics.  I found this block, and made it for him.  With 161 pieces for just the paper piecing part, this was way more labor intensive than I was expecting, but, he's worth it.

Buddy's Atom mini quilt
I also have another friend who already has TONS of Maple leafs, and I knew she didn't want any more, so, I found this block, just for her. 

Marilyn's Star of David mini quilt
I finished all my projects by the day after Christmas.  Not too bad.  Connor's quilt is now living in Alaska, where he moved the Sunday after Christmas.  I now have my sewing room back, but, at a cost.  I'd rather have my son home, but, he has a life to live, and he's enjoying his new adventure. 


  1. Wow. You got a lot done! My finger was getting tired from scrolling! ;) (wink). Happy New Year!!

  2. Wow...DITTO on Michelle's comment!!!! What a great year of quilting for you. I know from what I remember during the year that there were tons of Valor Quilts and Deliveries, too. Well Done!!!!

  3. And you need to focus on progress??? That is more than I can do in ten years!
    Happy New Year, friend!

  4. Progress was definitely made! Great job! Do you have a word for 2014? I hope Connor is getting settled and that his wonderful Mom is doing ok. ~Jeanne

  5. Oh my goodness! Fun post. Those little eye glasses are amazing

  6. Cheryl, how big did you make the star of David? Love Connor's quilt!!

  7. How fun that your word for last year is my word for this year! I tend to overgoal and I decided that trying to make progress in the areas of my life that I want to improve in was better than beating myself up over unrealistic goals! Great projects, by the way, the HP quilt is on my "wanna do" list!

  8. I absolutely love the idea of picking a word to aim for instead of creating an entire list of resolutions! I find the list to be overwhelming and completely disappointing in the end. You certainly did make tons of progress this past year! I already cannot wait to see what you come up with in the new year! :)

  9. This post is a perfect showcase of all the different kinds of quilting you do! I really enjoyed looking through all of it, not just Harry Potter. dezertsuz at gmail


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