Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me and Mickey Depre!

Monday was my birthday, and, also my little quilt guild's meeting.  We had a speaker at this meeting, and it was Mickey Depre!    Mickey came to this guild several years ago, and, some of the ladies wanted her to come back.  When Mickey and I started emailing back and forth, I found out that her birthday is this weekend, so, we had a 'shared' birthday at the guild with cake.  Happy Birthday Mickey!

Mickey brought her husband along this time.  Paul was great, adding lots to the presentation.  Paul even does the hand dye fabrics for Mickey.  He is an artist in his own right with woodworking and photography. 

I took pictures of lots of Mickey's quilts, and, with her permission, I'm posting them here.  I don't remember the names of each quilt, sorry. 

Mickey and Paul

Mickey used art and traditional together
This quilt was made after Paul gave Mickey a Jeep for her birthday.

Jeeping Along

great leaves
I've had this pattern since Mickey came to the guild several years ago.  I think I need to make it soon.

The Ninepatchers - A Family Reunion

same quilt, different colors

The next quilt was created when a loved tree came down in a wind storm.

look how the blocks are 'blown away' 

love this frog

the circles are snow

Fish Kebobs

The next quilt is from the book I bought for my birthday last night.

Whist Jubliance from Pieced Hexies
This quilt is from the book Mickey wrote with Bonnie Hunter, Ring Around the Hexies.

Ring Around the Hexies
This last quilt is from Mickey's latest book that just came out last month, Pieced Hexies Duex.

I didn't take pictures of the rest  of her quilts, since they have not been published yet.  They are for her next book.  You will just have to wait, but, let me tell you that they will be worth the wait.  This ladies work is amazing!

You can check out the books I listed on Mickey's site.  For my birthday, I got Pieced Hexies, the template set that goes with Pieced Hexies, and a large package of 1.5" hexie papers so I can get started.  The first hexies I'll be making is 'Spike'.  I already have a good idea of just how I'm going to be using them, too.  I've been planning a wall quilt for years, I just needed the right flower.  Now I have several to choose from. 

If your quilt guild needs a speaker, I highly recommend Mickey.  Our guild has had her twice now, and, we loved both presentations. 

I only got a picture of one of my birthday gifts, but, I thought you'd like to see it. 

my birthday quilt
A very good friend made me this lovely quilt.  This is it displayed across the top of my queen size bed (sorry for the stuff on the floor).  No one has ever made me a full size quilt before.  I feel so special!


  1. What a birthday treat!! Both Mickey and they quilt, you must have been very good this year.

  2. What gorgeous quilt; it must have been a pleasure to see them in person. Happy Birthday to you; wishing you good luck and health and hopefully lots of time for sewing ;) !! xx

  3. Your lame friend in Iowa wishes you a very 'late' happy birthday. I didn't realize it was your birthday. It sounds like you had a good one! Love all the quilts.

  4. Happy Birthday Cheryl! I looks like you had a wonderful time.

  5. Happy birthday!!! Looks like it was a great one with some beautiful quilts to drool over! And the quilt you received as a gift is beautiful as well! :)

  6. Happy Birthday! What a feast for the eyes! Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful works of art with us! Your birthday quilt is great!

  7. Happy Birthday, Cheryl. What a feast for the eyes that was! (And a remarkable volume of quilts too.)

  8. Happy Birthday Cheryl! What a fun way to spend your day and what a gorgeous quilt you received. I'm sure it was great fun seeing all of those wonderful quilts! ~Jeanne

  9. Happy Birthday Cheryl ! What a wonderful quilt you received. You are special - lots of us think so.
    And such a fun speaker for you all. I loved seeing the quilts. I've gotta try that method of applique - someday.

  10. Happy Birthday on Monday...I'm late...didn't see it posted until now. Loved seeing all the great quilts. How very very sweet to receive the full size quilt for your birthday. It's beautiful! You know you get to celebrate your Birthday ALL MONTH...that's the rule!

  11. Happy Birthday! That's a fun way to spend a special day, and your birthday quilt is very pretty.

  12. Happy belated birthday!!!

    Mickey is one talented lady!!!!!

  13. Wow, her quilts are amazing! What a lot of talent!

  14. Happy birthday! Looks like you spent it in a great way!

  15. Well, of course you are special!!! Lovely gift your friend made you :) We are considering speakers for our guild in 2016 - I'll suggest Mickey to the committee. Love her quilts!!!


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