Friday, April 25, 2014

AFinish and a Party!

Thursday is my sew-in day at Prairie Stitches Quilt Shoppe.  My project for the day was to finish stitching down the binding on this string quilt.
Quilts of Valor string quilt
I finished this top for Quilts of Valor back in August.  This is the first time I've gotten one of my quilts back, after it was quilted, to bind.  Our group is so large, and, we make about 400 quilts a year, that, it just is too hard to keep up with everything.  (PS:  We just had a request for another 130 quilts to be presented, on top of the 400+ we get requests for each year, we'll try, but not sure we can get all the quilts done).
backing and label on string Quilts of Valor quilt
One of the ladies at the sew-in had a present for me.
my birthday Bear from Jo
Jo knitted the sweater and hat herself.  Isn't he cute!  Thanks Jo!

Last night was the 30 Anniversary Celebration for my larger quilt guild, Pride of the Prairie.  Several sets of members 'hosted' tables.  The centerpieces were all 'won' by someone that sat at that table.  Marilyn and I hosted a table.  Marilyn made a teapot table runner (our centerpiece) and also made teapot coasters that everyone at our table got to take home.  This is our table.
Marilyn's and my table
Here are the other 8 tables.  Such cute decorations at each table.

This meeting was also the 'wrap-up' meeting from our quilt show, back in early March.  Some of the winning quilts came back to be seen again.

This is the 'Best in Show' quilt, pieced and quilted by Julie Karlak.  Julie also quilted my son's quilt and my nieces quilt last year.  Both of those quilts are on beds in other states, so, they were not in the show.
Julie Karlak with her 'Best of Show' quilt
The viewers choice was won by Christine Williams.  There are 366 little houses in this quilt, one for each day of the year (it was leap year when she made it).
Christine Williams with her 'Viewers Choice' quilt
This guild also has a raffle quilt for each quilt show.  We always draw the winner at this meeting.
Pride of the Prairie raffle quilt
The quilt was won by a lady in the Chicago suburbs, but, when we called her, we only got voice mail.  I'm sure she will be calling back.

Over all, it was a fun day and evening.  I'm headed out to the Newark Community Garage Sales, then on to another quilt store (I always forget something).  I wonder if I'll find any great treasures today.  We'll see!


  1. Congrats on your finished quilt! Love the setting for the string blocks.
    What beautiful tables at your party - such creativity and fun!
    Love the quilts too... so much eye candy :)

  2. What a great idea for hosting tables at the celebration! THey looked fabulous. The quilts of valour work you do is AMAZING!

  3. I just LOVE your string quilt Cheryl!!! It is going to make a soldier very happy :) It's good to see such a vibrant QOV community there! Your guild did a wonderful job of decorating for the celebration - and some lovely quilts too!!!

  4. Love the string quilt. Some GI will love it, too.
    Fun time at the guild meeting! I like your table best. Something for everyone -- not just a lucky 1. Love the quilts... especially the 366 houses. Seems like I looked at that many trying to buy a new one. It'd be a fun quilt to make.
    I know I've said it before, but you are one busy girl! Thanks for sharing your fun with us.

  5. Your string quilt is great! The 30th anniversary looks like it was fun! Those winning quilts are certainly winners - very nice! Best of luck getting all of the QOV done! ~Jeanne

  6. Love your string quilt and table pieces!

  7. wow, those tables look awesome and so do the quilts. I've noticed the 366 houses quilt, it's truly amazing. All that work !!!! I started that QAL too, but ended up with 6 houses in all ;). At least I made a cushion with them, so the blocks weren't wasted.

  8. Great effort with the quilts but those tables are just amazing. I love those bumble bee plates :)

  9. I love the sashing on the string quilt. Thanks for another idea for a string quilt finish. This quilt will be treasured. Very pretty table decorations.

  10. Such pretty and festive tables. Great idea. Pretty teal fabrics in string quilt.

  11. So much eye candy here and then as a bonus, those pretty tables! :)

  12. The colors in your string quilt are some of my favourites : )

  13. Thanks for all the pictures! Your quilt is beautiful! I really like the way you sashed it and those little 9 patch cornerstones.

  14. Fabulous string quilt Cheryl, such beautiful shades of blue. Lovely table settings too - each one looks like a giant cake.


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