Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March NewFO's and Progress

Much of March was a 'no sewing' time for me.  I had my booth of vintage machines at the quilt show to get ready for (and put back up).  I did get to sew while at the booth (when not chatting about machines).  That really helped with what I have to show for the month.

I'll start with something I actually started in February to demo at my little quilt guild at the March meeting. 

Disappearing Pinwheel blocks
I made 18 Disappearing Pinwheel blocks, using the method from the Missouri Star Quilt Store's YouTube video.  I saw this block over at Linda's blog and decided that I needed to try it out.  I still have quite a few of these blocks started, but, not finished.  I love the look of this block, but, trying to measure it properly for cutting is a real pain.  I also didn't like working with all the bias edges. 

My Aunt asked me to make a baby quilt for her first great grandchild.  She asked for a white with little pink flowers and a pink as colors.  I loved the look of the block above, so, I decided to draft it out as a 12" block and use it for the baby quilt.  I love Triangluations, so, I figured out what sizes I'd need, and proceeded to make all my half square triangles while I was showing off my machines at the quilt show.  I stitched all the triangulations blocks on 'Betty' my 1941 Singer 66 hand crank I got in January. 

'Betty' my 1941 Singer 66 hand crank
baby quilt top, ready to be basted

up close of 2 of the blocks
The colors don't show up very well with my camera.  This quilt top has been spray basted, and is waiting to be quilted.  This one was fun and quick to make.  I liked twisting the blocks back and forth for different looks.  These blocks were MUCH easier to make than the blocks from MSQS's video.  I LOVE Triangluations!!!!  No bias to mess around with, and perfect sized HST's every time!

I prepared lots of things to work on while at the quilt show.  I knew I wouldn't get to all of them, but, I did get to work a bit on each project while there. 

I'm in another block exchange with my Treadle On group, using people powered machines.  This exchange is using a simple 4 patch block.  I wanted something simple, and, I made 3 different sets, on 3 different machines.  These aren't due until early May, so, I just may make more, if I get the time to cut more squares.

3 sets of blocks for the exchange
There really are three different sets in the picture.  I just put them side by side for the picture.  I used 2 different hand cranks, and a treadle for these blocks. 

I also took another Missouri Star Quilt Store pattern to work on at the quilt show.  I'd seen the Sashing for the Flower Garden Quilt YouTube, and liked it.  The original pattern is called the Garden Flower Charm Pack Quilt.  I had several charm packs I'd gotten last year, and, I thought they would be great for this quilt.  I cut out 504 little squares for the corners, and 4 charm packs. 

charm packs and corner squares

I only got the corner squares stitched onto 2 charm packs.  I finally got the charms sewn into 4 patches this weekend.  Only 21 blocks so far, so, I'll have to make more blocks for a larger quilt.  I have plans for this quilt, too.  It will be a wedding quilt.

21 finished 4 patch blocks
A friend from church will be graduating this May.  She saw a quilt I made for another graduate, and decided that she needed one with her name on it.  She chose pinks and oranges for the colors.  I finally got started stitching the letters for the center of her quilt.  This is the center of her quilt.  I still need to add borders.  It will just be a wall quilt. 

center of Erika's quilt

She squealed when she saw this picture, so, I'm guessing she likes it so far. 

Another thing I worked on this month, while getting ready for the quilt show was blocks for Kevin's Quilts of Valor block drive.  If you haven't heard about Kevin's block drive, please visit this post and check it out. 

10 blocks for Kevin's Quilts of Valor block drive
Kevin is still collecting blocks.  I have 2 other ladies from my little guild (so far) that have also made blocks for Kevin.  These are super simple and quick. 

The last thing from March is the Box Bag I made at the Sewing and Quilting Expo this past weekend.  The pattern can be found here.

my box bag

 I think I made some progress this month, and had fun starting some new projects.  Hopefully I'll have lots more to show next month. 

I'm linking up with Barbara, over at Cat Patches for the NewFO's. 


  1. Sure sounds line you've been busy sewing! Love that baby quilt!

  2. You know you "done good!" when you get a soon to be graduate to squeal.

    The baby quilt is adorable. And I love your box bag - may colors.

  3. You certainly did make progress! Well done. Love the box bag, it's been on my to do list for a while too. I must check out those Disappearing Pinwheel blocks. They look great together in a quilt.

  4. I love that pink and white quilt! You were busy this month!

  5. If that is what you get done on a "no sewing" month...... Well, I love those big blocks on the baby quilt and wish I had such a good relationship with machines to do all that you do when you are "not sewing".

  6. I'm not sure about the bias edges either but I like the concept of this quilt. You did a great job

  7. You've still made lots of progress for a no sewing month! I love the pink and white baby quilt, so cute! And the box bag is awesome! I may have to attempt one at some point.

  8. For a 'no sew' March, you've done LOTS! All very nice! I've done some of the disappearing windmills - it is a neat block. Love all of your projects. ~Jeanne

  9. You made a lot of progress. I'm glad you talked about the disappearing pinwheels, I want to try that too but was wondering about that bias.

  10. Isn't the disappearing pinwheel block fun!!!

  11. Well my goodness! For someone who "didn't get a lot of sewing done" you sure managed to accomplish quite a lot LOL!!! And such cute projects too :) Can't wait to see what you do with the little snowballs :)

  12. Lots of really cute stuff here, Cheryl. I love that disappearing pinwheel...I just like pinwheels in general. Pretty pretties.

  13. Woman, you are just too busy! (You need to go to more quilt shows, so you will have sewing time.)
    Love your starts... especially the 3/4 snowball blocks that make a "flower". I've made 6 snowball quilts for 6 of my grands, and never once thought to make the flower. Thanks for the idea.
    So you have a wedding coming soon, too. Mine's mid June, when's yours?

  14. Hooray hooray, piecing on a hand machine! Pure enjoyment and a wonderful result.

  15. I would say you got lots accomplished last month! Love the blocks, expecially the positive negative aspect, though I agree with you about making hst with the bias edges. I once bought a ruler that seemed to make it so easy, as you sewed 2 strips together and cut them out from it...until I realized that all the edges were bias. I haven't used the paper method, but seems like it would work well. I just make them a bit larger than usual making 2 at a time, and then squaring them up.

  16. Wow girl! You were busy, busy! You got so much done! Thanks for the blocks and the shout out!


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