Monday, April 7, 2014

Several Firsts for Me (and some misc.)

I've done very little machine quilting in the past.  I took 3 different free motion classes, and I stink at free motion quilting.  Oh well, we can't master everything.  I can do straight line quilting on my Janome 4800QC with it's walking foot, and I've made a few small projects on my hand crank using a regular presser foot. 

Well, earlier this month I got a walking foot for my vintage sewing machines.  Here is a picture of both walking feet, together.
vintage walking foot, and Janome walking foot

bottom of vintage walking foot and Janome walking foot
Can you see how much wider the foot on the right is?  That is the Janome walking foot.  Vintage sewing machines have more narrow feed dogs, so, the Janome walking foot is too wide to feed properly on my vintage machines. 

Here is a picture of my new, more narrow walking foot on my treadle.  The practice sandwich is from a long ago long arm quilting class.   I love quilting on a long arm, I just can't afford one.  The light pink line of thread is my practice stitching on the treadle (see the tip of the scissors).
narrow walking foot on my treadle, showing the stitches it made (light pink stitches only)
This is the first time I've ever tried to quilt on a treadle.  Yep, I'm SCARED!, especially since this is a quilt that my Aunt requested for her first great grandchild.  Pressure!

I bought a lovely thread stand several years ago, but, I've never used it.  Poor thing sits neglected on another treadle, with a huge cone of thread on it.  Here it is, threaded, sitting on the back of the treadle, getting ready to be used for the first time.  Isn't it pretty!
thread stand waiting to be used for the first time
To make sure that the thread feeds properly to the treadle, I used an idea I got from other vintage machine users, and threaded the thread thru empty bobbins on the thread spool pin.  I love all the great ideas I get from others.  Thanks!
thread threaded thru empty bobbins
Another first I tried was to use blue tape to mark my quilting lines on the quilt top. 
blue tape to mark quilting lines
 Others may have success with this method, but I did NOT!.  The tape kept shifting across the quilt top.  I had to unsew a whole line of quilting.  After that, I got out my trusty blue chalk marker and drew on the quilting lines.  MUCH BETTER!  My chalk lines didn't move.
quilt being quilted on 'Victor' my post WWII Japanese treadle
Here is the quilted baby quilt (just needs binding now).
treadle quilted baby quilt

up close of treadle quilting

up close of treadle quilting

back of quilt, showing quilting on Minkee
Oh yea, I spray basted this quilt, but, I did add some pins, just in case.  Nothing shifted.  Woohoo!

Now for my Miscellaneous.......

I picked up a treadle pillow at the thrift store on Saturday.  I can't tell what companies name is on the treadle irons but, it's a company I've never heard of (guessing they couldn't use the name of Singer).
treadle pillow

I was busy earlier in the week, too.  I made another set of 21 garden flower blocks for wedding quilts.  I need one more set done to make 2 wedding quilts.  Now to cut out more corner squares.
both sets done
I also cut out 5 sets of strips for my family reunion rail fence quilt.  I'll make blocks, with white in the center, and the family members will sign the white strips.  
5 sets, using 7 colors, plus white
I still needed one more color, to make 8 colors, so, I picked up some lime green Kona on Saturday.  It's washed, and ready to cut into strips.  I got half of one set of strips stitched on Saturday, during the beginning quilting class.  This will be my first all Kona quilt.  Solids are NOT my thing, usually.  I like prints.  This is really growing on me, though.

Wego Quiltin' (my little quilt guild) is tonight.  I get to show off my treadled quilt.  I won't get to show it to my larger guild, since I need to finish it and mail it before the baby comes this month.  Hopefully I'll get a picture of the baby on the quilt.


  1. Yeah for you in getting brave - it turned out just lovely, do like minky on the back of a baby quilt. Bonnie Hunter did a whole thing on her last quilt cam about the difference in walking foot for different machine which I found quite interesting.

  2. Your quilt looks fabulous! You amaze me with your inventive ways to use your old machines.

  3. The baby quilt is fantastic! You did a great job. I've not had good luck with tape and machine quilting either - I, too, like chalk. Can't wait to see the family reunion quilt. I have a couple of quilts-in-waiting that are to be all solids. I may get one started soon.~Jeanne

  4. Cute baby quilt. I'm so inspired by your quilting, and how nice and square it turned out on the Minkie. A wonderful job!

  5. I just popped my Janome walking on my industrial treadle for my last quilt, I did not know I was not supposed to use it! LOL I am so jealous of your pillow! :) Your baby quilt turned out great!

  6. You've reminded me I need to get a walking foot for my 27k - not that I've learnt to treadle it yet, but that's one of the things I wanted it for!
    Your baby quilt looks wonderful!

  7. Love the pink churn dash baby quilt. Try not to leave blue chalk lines in too long. Once I couldn't get them totally out of white muslin.

  8. The quilting looks wonderful...good job!

  9. Hey Cheryl, I just got the same pillow from an estate sale!
    Smoky Mountains of Tennessee

  10. That is so cool that you quilted on your treadle, and the results are wonderful! I can't wait to see your family reunion quilt! WHat a neat idea!

  11. I continue to be amazed at all you manage to pull off. The baby quilt is sweet. Lucky baby!

  12. There is also a guide attachment for most walking foot that helps when you are doing straight line quilting (aka grids, or repetitive wavy lines). Walking foot/grids are great ways to top stitch, but don't give up on FMQ. Maybe try 1-2 FMQ designs and focus only on those till you feel you have mastered them.


  13. Great job on the quilt. AND I had never seen the idea about threading thread through empty bobbins. Great idea! Have a great week!

  14. I had no idea vintage machines even had walking foot parts. I'm a straight liner too. My free motion isn't very good ; )

  15. I love the quilting on the baby quilt! I have been needing a walking foot for the vintage machines, it's on my things to eventually invest in list. And I absolutely love, love, love your thread stand! Sew beautiful.

  16. I was just gifted with a Singer treadle (I have a White but you can't use other feet on it.) Which machine were you using? Beth @ Words & Stitches,

  17. Nicely done! The baby quilt is very cute. Have fun treadling and quilting!

  18. You did a wonderful job on your baby quilt! I've heard treadles are wonderful for quilting but I've never used one myself. I've thought of trying it with my featherweight though. Love your pillow - such a great find!!!

  19. I am still fairly new to FMQ on my home machine. I have a Janome and I am loving it. I also have a treadle machine that was given to me by my mother in law. I never would have thought about trying to quilt with it. You did a wonderful job. Great inspiration for me to do something with my treadle machine besides looking at it!


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