Friday, May 2, 2014

NewFo's and April Summary

Wow, 2 posts in a few minutes time.  That's a 'New' one for me.

We'll start with my NewFO's for April.  I started cutting strips...
strips for the Family Reunion signature quilt (missing lime green strips)
...and making blocks for my Family Reunion signature quilt.
first set of blocks made
I won't know haw many blocks I will need until I get to the family reunion.  I designed this quilt to 'expand'.  I can use 80 blocks, 100 blocks or 120 blocks.  Here is my design.
Family Reunion quilt in 3 sizes
Nope, I don't have EQ.  I design the old fashioned way, with graft paper, and colored map pencils.  Hey, if it works, and doesn't cost anything, don't knock it.

I also made 6 burp cloths for my cousin's first granddaughter.
burp cloths

I made progress or finished a few other projects in April.  Early in the month, I learned how to quilt on a treadle sewing machine. 
quilting on a treadle
I've pieced on a treadle many times, but, I've never quilted on one before.  I seldom machine quilt at all, but, I'm doing more and more, just straight line quilting.  This quilt was made for my Aunt, for her first great-grandchild.  I used some extra fabric from this quilt to make the matching burp cloths shown above.
baby quilt
The quilt, and burp cloths arrived on the day the baby was born.  Talk about cutting it close (the baby was early).

I hand quilted a Harry Potter themed mini quilt for a little girl thru Make-A-Wish.
Make-A-Wish quilt
I quilted several Harry Potter themed items on the quilt.

I also sewed the binding on a quilt that I made last fall for Quilts of Valor.
Quilts of Valor string quilt
I collected and cleaned up 3 new (to me) sewing machines in April.
Sewmore 66 class Japanese sewing machine
New Home type F sewing machine (USA)

Universal badged (Viscontea Battaglia) class 15 machine, made in Italy
Not lots of stitching done, but, lots of machine cleaning in April. 

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  1. How can you say not much stitching? That looks like quite a bit to me. I made a scout signature quilt out of those blocks and I collected signatures on our church's 140th anniversary celebration. I am still considering what to do with them.I thought of turning them into some kind of a trellis with vines or flowers saying 140 years and still growing. I am impressed with all that neatly cut fabric. for some reason I just can't use a rotary cutter with any accuracy, If the tool is left handed, the fabric must be right handed!

  2. You accomplished lots in April! Love the Family Reunion Quilt - can't wait to see it finished! The baby quilt and burp cloths are adorable. I always enjoy seeing your 'new' machines! ~Jeanne

  3. Wow - you had a very busy month Cheryl!!! Love all the colorful strips - yay!!! And what a cute little baby quilt :) And those machines are beautiful!!!

  4. Wow, you got a lot finished in April! I love your new machines!

  5. That family reunion will be fabulous!

  6. I'd say you got plenty accomplished in April! And I too design my quilts through sketching! It's free, aside from the cost of the sketch book, and it forces me to practice math! :)

  7. I think you got a lot done, especially with the new machines. I think I'm in love with the New Home, is that copper colored?

  8. U R Amazing, Girl! Only you would call that "not much". Love the QoV... such pretty strips. And saving all those machines! You are the ultimate green girl. Inspiring!

  9. Oh boy...what a fun little quilt. That will be great for your family reunion.

  10. Wow, you are busy as ever. A Family Reunion Quilt...very neat and I'm sure will be a big hit. Enjoyed seeing your projects and sewing machines. I have news that I have not shared on my blog yet, but thought you'd be interested. I sold my longarm quilting machine!!!! Yikes, it was a hard decision, but it was time to move on to my next item on my bucket list. Haven't decided what that is yet....LOL!!! I did get my 'Sewing Studio' all arranged and ready to do whatever it is I will end up doing. Maybe I'll just sew doll clothes...that's where it all began! Thanks for your visits through the AtoZ Challenge. I'm glad it's over...maybe I can get back to visiting my favorite yours.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal


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