Saturday, May 17, 2014

TOBE blocks, a sew-in and a Finish!

I participated in a block exchange, with my Treadle On group.  All blocks had to be made on a people powered sewing machine (treadle or hand crank).

I made 3 sets of blocks for the exchange, using 3 different machines (2 hand cranks and a treadle).  These are the blocks that I made.
12 of each block was made

Yesterday, in the mail, I got my 'squishie' full of TOBE blocks (Treadle On Block Exchange).

set #1

set #2

set #3
I received blocks from 11 US states and the United Kingdom.  I received 36 blocks from 14 different people, made on 19 different sewing machines.  The machines dated from as old as 1882, to as new as 1959. 

I'm signed up for 2 more exchanges this year with this group. 

On Tuesday, we had another sew-in with Quilts of Valor at the middle school.  I had one of the same boys as the week before.  He was really getting into stitching on the hand crank.  He even tried my other machine, a Kenmore.  Here are all the blocks he got done in an hour.
Williams 6 blocks
 Williams blocks, along with all the other blocks that were made on Tuesday, will be stitched into a Quilts of Valor top.  We've been invited back in the fall.

I finished Erika's quilt.  It's been washed.  She will be receiving the quilt later today.

Erika's finished graduation quilt
I have beginning quilting class later this morning.  Out of my 4 students, one is finished.  Two are planning on basting their quilts today (hopefully), and the 4th is hoping to get all her blocks sewn into a top today.  At least 2 of the ladies are planning on making more quilts.  Woohoo! 


  1. Quilting with kids is always a great time. So glad you will be going back to the middle school again. What a neat block exchange - love the signatures! As usual you have been one busy lady! Hoping I will find a little stitching time today. ~Jeanne

  2. I have never done a block exchange with TOBE but you totally inspired me to check it out!

  3. Love your exchange blocks... they look really good. But I am really impressed that a middle school boy is interested in quilting... you must be a heck of good (and patient) teacher for him to come back. Love his blocks, too.

  4. Well girl, you are just as busy as me LOL!!! Teaching and swapping and quilting... That's a lovely graduation gift - perfect for a teen :) And I am amazed at all the blocks you got from everywhere - what a nice treasure to keep and remember!

  5. I just love that graduation quilt! It turned out beautifully! You've definitely been busy, busy, busy! :)

  6. That TOBE is an interesting challenge. Must be fun to see it all going together.

  7. Look at the fun you have been having while I have been flying, and getting QOV stuff taken care of! I love those blocks William made! And, how cool to have so many blocks made by many different types of eclectic machines!

  8. So nice to hear of a boy taking an interest in quilting. It would be wonderful if we could change the stereotype of who quilts. I would love to teach a grandson to quilt someday without him feeling that it's a female hobby.

  9. How wonderful that you are sharing your skills with the younger generation! William did a great job, too!
    I love the exchange blocks. What a wonderful memory that quilt will be!


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