Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I didn't post about any of the goodies I got at the Oxford Ohio TOGA, but, I did get some pictures of some of the goodies I got in Michigan.  I got to Battle Creek, MI early on Friday, and stopped at many of the local thrift stores.  Lots of fabrics, and, the most expensive piece was $1.99 (about 4 yards). 

about 10-11 yards of fabrics
I also found a complete set of cams for some unknown machine.  There isn't a name on the box or the cams. 
set of 30 cams
I also picked up a few patterns.
3 patterns

I got several great items from the TOGA raffle.  I REALLY wanted the orange bag.  I took 3 different free motion quilting classes several years ago, long before I started collecting vintage sewing machines.  It just didn't 'take' with me at that time.  Well, for the past year or so, I've been thinking that I need to try free motion again, but, with my vintage machines (maybe a treadle).  That is why I wanted the orange bag on the raffle table.  Check out all the goodies inside.
The Frugal Free Motion Quilting Kit

what was in the kit
One of the other ladies was teasing me that she wanted the chocolates that were in the bag, so I gave them to her.  I love chocolate, but, I prefer the 'cheaper' brands (Hershey's, etc) vs. the 'expensive' chocolates. 

I got quite a few magazines and quilting books, etc.
stack of quilting magazines, books, etc.
Here are a few of the other goodies I snatched.
BOM patterns (some with the fabrics)

quilted quilt center (I'm thinking this will become a machine cover)

Greist button hole maker

cute lapel pin

this might get used in a wedding next May......

Before I left for the Michigan TOGA, I won a quilting magazine over at Jean's blog.
magazine I won
Jean wrote one of the patterns in this magazine.
Jean's pattern
I'm already planning on using another of Jean's patterns for my son's wedding quilt. 
Thanks Jean!


  1. Oh such fun goodies Cheryl!!!! You will be having fun with these for a long, long time :)

  2. Fabulous goodies came home with you!

  3. Wow! Great purchases (do I see tomatoes and carrots on that fabric on the left?), and great winnings. You did great at the show!
    I'm with you on the chocolate. Hersey's is better than that other kind. I like my chocolate hearty.

  4. Wow! That is a lot of great goodies! And you gave away the chocolate! Good luck with your next attempt at fmq. I've never tried it on a vintage machine but I really enjoy it. ~Jeanne

  5. What a great bunch of necessities! I'm sure you will put them all to good use.

  6. Such nice sewing treasures. After two consecutive TOGAs, you may be ready for some serious sewing.

  7. No wonder you have to sew by machine ... it's addictive. (even more than chocolate)

  8. Very nice haul! It looks like you got a little bit of everything.

  9. Wow you made out like a bandit on that trip! lots of goodies to use and play with. I'm glad you are enjoying the magazine too!

  10. I would be coveting that orange bag too! Looks like you got quite the haul, how fun!

  11. You Rock, Cheryl--great goodies! Missed you in Batavia but happy you had a wonderful time in Michigan. Like you said...next year!


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