Wednesday, July 16, 2014


TOGA (Treadle On Gathering & Academy)

I finally got to attend the TOGA (think treadle and hand crank users get together) in Ohio last weekend.  I've been a member of the group for a few years now, but, I've always had something else going on, and couldn't attend.  Well, this year I got to go!  Woohoo!

I started the weekend off by visiting my aunt in Dayton.  I hadn't been to Dayton in about 39 years.  Way past time for me to get there again.  We had a nice visit on Friday.

Saturday morning I headed south to Oxford, Ohio.  Talk about sewing machine heaven.....

Linda, our hostess has the most amazing collection of machines.  I have a few pictures for you, but, know that I did NOT take pictures of all of her machines. 

1863 Florence treadle with reverse

1871 Singer 12 New Family treadle

Davis High Arm treadle

1876+ Howe treadle

1869 Singer 12 New Family

1899 Singer 24 chainstitch treadle

1869 Wheeler & Wilson treadle

look at the cool treadle pedal on this machine

some of her toy machines
1909 Wilcox & Gibbs chainstitch treadle

Those were just some of the machines on the first floor.  Oh my!!!

Now to the second floor....

1895 Ideal child's treadle at the top of the landing
 The next few pictures are all of Linda's sewing room.
as you enter the door to her sewing room

more lovely machines

some hand crank machines

another corner of the sewing room (with her design wall)

the corner by the entry door
As if that wasn't enough to drool over, the next picture shows Linda's 'stash' and ruler room.  Oh to have a whole room to hold my stash.....
stash and ruler room
Yes, there was just as much stash on the other side of the room that I didn't take a picture of. 

Now to pictures of all the raffle items.  Everyone who comes to the TOGA brings items to put in the raffle.  We get tickets, and get to pick items as our ticket is called.  Everyone had IKEA bags to carry all the items they got in the raffle.
there is a window seat behind the pool table, that is also full of items

items were still being put out when I took these pictures

 There were tables for all the TOGA attenders, too.
signing exchange blocks (more treadles in the background)

more treadles in the background

more togateers
The raffle, and the main part of the TOGA were held in the basement (did you see more treadles scattered all over?)  Well, Linda also has a small work room full of machines.

more machines in the work room

other end of the work room (machine parts are in the cabinets)

There was also a block exchange at the TOGA.  Oops!  I forgot to take a picture of the block I made.  Here are the blocks I received, each with the person who made the block.  All the blocks have to be made on either a treadle or hand crank machine.
Di and her block

Sally and her block

Jan and her block

Robin and her block

Jo Ann and her block

Joe and his block

Linda (our hostess) and her block

Susan and her block
I also didn't get pictures of all my raffle 'loot'.  Oh well.

Guess what?  There is another TOGA this weekend.  This time in Michigan.  Guess where I'm headed on Friday?


  1. Did everyone make a different 6 inch block?

  2. Looks like a wonderful get together. Which aunt are you visiting on the way to Michigan? (All my Aunties are gone Home...)
    My hubby laughed the other day when I said I needed a second sewing machine. He thought I wanted a longarm... well, I do, but I need a second machine so I can sew while on vacation or while at the motel on any trip. It's just too hard and slow to hand paper piece. Possible, but difficult.

  3. OH my goodness... that is TOO much fun! And to be able to repeat this weekend! Lucky duck!

  4. Wow! I have never seen so many sewing machines in one place. Greenfield Village would be envious of that collection. I look forward to your posting on the Michigan TOGA.

  5. And I don't even have room enough for one machine! Sigh....

  6. Wow, someone who has EVEN MORE machines than I do! Glad you had a great time.

  7. Wow! What an incredible collection of machines! I hope you have an incredible time at the Michigan TOGA!


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