Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Around The World Blog Tour

I was asked by Jean of Jean's Quilting Page to participate in the Around the World Blog Tour.  I've been reading Jean's blog for some time now. I'm using one of her patterns for my son's wedding quilt.

I'm supposed to answer 4 questions for this Blog Tour, so that you can learn a bit about me.

1.What am I working on?

I have a long list of projects. I'm working on 2 wedding quilts, lots of 60 degree table runners for Christmas presents, 2 signature quilts for my family reunion (one to auction off at the reunion and one for me to keep).  I'm also working on a Quilt of Valor (I always have at least one Quilt of Valor going all the time), several purses (for Christmas presents), several charity quilts and several other projects.  I also have quite a few UFO's waiting patiently for their turn (last count of UFO's was over 26).  I'm also in several block exchanges, too.

2.How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My work differs in a few ways.  First, most of my quilts and projects are made on vintage sewing machines (treadles, hand cranks and some 1950's-1960's machines with motors).  Here is a picture of just a few of my machines.

Second, I seldom follow patterns.  I tend to find a block I like, then design a quilt around the block.  If I do follow a pattern, then I almost always change it in several ways (different borders, more blocks, larger, etc.). 

3.Why do I write/create what I do?

I started a blog as a way to keep up with my projects and some of my fun finds.  I tried scrap-booking, but, it takes too long.  Blogging is much easier and faster.

As for what I create with fabric...well, creating things is a great outlet and a way to show those that receive my items, how much I love and appreciate them.

 4.How does my writing/creating process work?

My writing (blogging) only works if I stop long enough to write a post.  I've written hundreds of posts in my head that I've never stopped long enough to post.  (aren't you glad).

As for my creative process, I tend to take an idea, and turn it on it's head, then go from there.  It's much more fun that way. 

I was supposed to 'tag' 3 bloggers, but, I only got one tagged so far.  Missy of Missy's Homemaking Adventures.  Missy also collects vintage sewing machines.  Missy and I had the chance to meet in person earlier this summer.  She's just as sweet in person as she is online.  Missy's turn to post will be next Tuesday, October 7th. 


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lyon's Farm Fall Festival

This weekend was Fall Festival at Lyon's Farm.  This is the 3rd year I've been asked to set up a booth and display my machines.  Since this is for the Kendall County Historical Society, I only bring treadles and hand cranks (my choice).  This is a two day event. 

On Saturday, my friend Marilyn came with me.  She had stitched a few blocks on 'Betty' my 1941 Singer 66, at our quilt guild show last March.  Hand cranks are still new to her. 
Marilyn sewing on Betty
After a while, Marilyn got tired of hand cranking, so, I cheated and put a motor on Betty.  This morning, I turned Betty back into a hand crank again.

Here are some pictures of my booth.
'Victor' my blue treadle

some of my machines and toy machines displayed

some hand cranks, set up to sew

The kids, especially the boys, loved the hand cranks, and watching me treadle.  I let several kids stitch on the hand cranks.

The first year, I had this whole building to myself.  It's a big building, and it was a bit lonely.  Last year, the Quilter's Dozen (the hand quilters in the middle of the room) moved over to this building.  I know several of them, so, it was much better.  This year, they let several vendors move inside, instead of having to set up outside.  Lots of new friends. 

Well, I stitched all weekend long (between chatting about machines).  I did get lots of stitching done.  I only stitched on Victor, my blue treadle.  I was enjoying using him too much to switch to another machine. 

Here is some of what I stitched this weekend.
lots of 3 cornered charm squares and sashing with cornerstones for 2 quilts

2 fall 60 degree table runner tops

2 apple 60 degree table runner tops

2 beach themed 60 degree table runner tops

another 2 beach themed 60 degree table runner tops

2 flowered 60 degree table runner tops

last 60 degree table runner top (that makes 11)

lots of little 9 patches (1.5")
On the way to the festival on Saturday morning, Marilyn and I stopped at a yard sale.  Marilyn spotted this quilt top, and I bought it (she didn't want it).
yard sale quilt top
When I layed this quilt top on the floor to take a picture, I could tell why this top had never been quilted.
lots of puffy areas across the quilt
Whoever made this top stretched the bias a lot.  It puckers all over.  There is no way to get this to lay flat.  I figured that when I saw it at the yard sale, but, since I'd never quilt it, it didn't matter.  I draped it across a chair, and added it to the booth on Sunday. 

So, what did you do this weekend???

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Score!  After sew-in today, I stopped at a local thrift store.  After finding some great yardage of 3 different 'sewing themed' fabrics, I turned the corner and saw 3 HUGE  (comforter size) bags stuffed with fabrics.  I could tell that there was lots more 'sewing themed' fabrics in each bag.  The bags are stapled shut, so, you don't really know what you are getting until you get home.  Well.......

fabrics from the thrift store
The 2 stacks on the left are all sewing themed fabrics.  Several of them are 3-6 yards of the same print.  Some are the same line of fabrics, but in 3 different colorways (green, light blue and dark blue/reds).  The stack on the right is all quilting cottons, too, from Christmas, to children's prints, etc.  One is even an Egyptian themed print. 

There were lots of fabrics that were not quilting cottons.  I don't sew clothes, so, I'll pass these on at the next guild meeting.  There are satins, corduroys, and lots of other clothing fabrics, along with some cottons that I know I won't ever use (not my colors or styles). 

2 bags of fabrics to pass on (garment fabrics, etc)
Between 3 large bags of fabric, and the yardage that I'd already grabbed, I still spent less than $30 for all of it!  SCORE!  I've never had such a great day, fabric wise. 

Now to figure out how to use all this fabric......  It will take me quite a while, I'm sure. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Canning Jar TOBE Blocks

I am in an exchange with my Treadle On group (people powered sewing machines).  This exchange is for Canning Jars, all made on either a treadle or a hand crank sewing machine.  I can only send in 4 sets of Canning Jars, but, I've made 5 sets of Canning Jars.  Now to figure out which sets to send in.  I did make extra's for me to keep.  A set is 6 blocks in this exchange.

Asparagus Canning Jars

Asparagus blocks made on 1959 Singer Spartan (192K) hand crank
Blueberry Canning Jars (Asparagus jar left up, oops)
Blueberry blocks made on 1941 Singer 66 hand crank (Betty)
Pickles Canning Jar blocks
Pickle blocks made on 1914 Singer 66 hand crank (Lotus)
Peas Canning Jar blocks

Peas blocks made on 1925 Singer 66 hand crank

Carrot Canning Jar blocks

Carrot blocks made on 1925 Singer 66 hand crank
I know I'm sending in the Asparagus and the Pickle blocks (I have more of each of them).  I'm trying to decide if I should keep the Blueberries, the Peas or the Carrots.  The other two blocks will be sent in.  Hmmm.....decisions.

I used 4 different machines for the 5 blocks. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Heritage Quilt Guild Show

Yesterday was the 2nd day of class for the table runner that I'm teaching at church.  2 ladies are almost done (sorry, no pictures yet).  We'll meet again in a couple of Saturdays to finish the table runners.

After class was over, I drove to New Lenox, IL to check out a quilt show.  I've been to this guilds quilt show in the past.  They put on a nice show.  I did take some pictures of some of the quilts that I liked.

Dresden Plate with Pinwheels by Beverly Rauman

Lavender Peace by Sue Barnhill

the flowers are prints, not applique
 The next quilt is striking, but the quilting on it is fantastic!
Bear Paw Kaleidoscope by Chris Bast, quilted by Mary Golojuch

look at the quilting on this

Erin Russek, from the blog One Piece at a Time, designed this quilt top as one of her BOM's.  She's starting a new Block of the Quarter soon. 

A Little Bird Told Me I Could Applique by Marie Blunk

Here are some more quilts.
Holly & Mistletoe by Arlene Moloney

Wild Flowers by Mary Shroba

The next quilt was made using her great aunts blocks.

Butterflies are Free by Frankie Caruso, blocks by Pat Schulo

15 Guitars for our 15 year old Guitarist by Carol Richards

Nordic Snowflakes by Karen Edgar

A Breath of Spring by Marie Blunk

This next quilt was made, using Mark Lipinski's Quilts of Valor pattern, and made for her husband, who served in Vietnam.
Patriotic Quilt by Cathy Boo
 Another quilt using her great aunt's blocks.
Turtle Pond by Frankie Caruso, blocks by Pat Schulo

My Lucky Stars by Arlene Moloney

The next quilt was the Mayor's choice.  Easy to see why.
Forgotten Garden by Gail Stepanek

This quilt was made with an embroidery machine for the blocks.
Sew Demented by Diane Greenfield

Bubble Bubble by Donna Stevens

This quilt was made, using her mothers hankies.
All Dressed Up by Kay Johnson

up close of one of the blocks
I had to include a Halloween quilt, since it is so close.
Wacky Jack by Vickie Skinner

 This quiltmaker says she has 2 pregnant dragonflies in this quilt.  She wonders if you can find them.
Two Pregnant Dragonflies by Barbara Wrobel

This is another way to use family ties.  She made several of these table runners, one for each child of the tie owner.
Remembering Dad by Donna Stevens

I loved all the spiderwebs and spiders on this quilt.  She says that each spiderweb is different, just like real spiderwebs are all different.
Amish Attic Windows by MariLynn Bergmark

up close of some of the spiderwebs

up close of some of the spiderwebs
Garden Trellis by Carol Richards
 This next quilt was hand quilted.
Texas Star by Elaine Vorreyer

hand quilting

Red, Blue, White Pioneer Quilt by Sharon Fritz

Summit Square by Sharon Fritz

 This last quilt was outside the quilt show room.  It didn't say who made it.

I have been busy this week, but, no pictures.  I'm in the process of making 297 HST's for a new Quilts of Valor quilt.  I'm also finishing the 4th & 5th sets of Canning Jar blocks for my exchange. 

I have lots to do this next week.  I'll be setting up another demo at the Kendall County Historical Society's Fall Festival at Lyon's Farm next weekend.  I need to figure out what machines to show off.  My space will be smaller than it has been in the past, since they are moving several of the vendors inside my building.  In the past, I've had all the room I wanted.