Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Around The World Blog Tour

I was asked by Jean of Jean's Quilting Page to participate in the Around the World Blog Tour.  I've been reading Jean's blog for some time now. I'm using one of her patterns for my son's wedding quilt.

I'm supposed to answer 4 questions for this Blog Tour, so that you can learn a bit about me.

1.What am I working on?

I have a long list of projects. I'm working on 2 wedding quilts, lots of 60 degree table runners for Christmas presents, 2 signature quilts for my family reunion (one to auction off at the reunion and one for me to keep).  I'm also working on a Quilt of Valor (I always have at least one Quilt of Valor going all the time), several purses (for Christmas presents), several charity quilts and several other projects.  I also have quite a few UFO's waiting patiently for their turn (last count of UFO's was over 26).  I'm also in several block exchanges, too.

2.How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My work differs in a few ways.  First, most of my quilts and projects are made on vintage sewing machines (treadles, hand cranks and some 1950's-1960's machines with motors).  Here is a picture of just a few of my machines.

Second, I seldom follow patterns.  I tend to find a block I like, then design a quilt around the block.  If I do follow a pattern, then I almost always change it in several ways (different borders, more blocks, larger, etc.). 

3.Why do I write/create what I do?

I started a blog as a way to keep up with my projects and some of my fun finds.  I tried scrap-booking, but, it takes too long.  Blogging is much easier and faster.

As for what I create with fabric...well, creating things is a great outlet and a way to show those that receive my items, how much I love and appreciate them.

 4.How does my writing/creating process work?

My writing (blogging) only works if I stop long enough to write a post.  I've written hundreds of posts in my head that I've never stopped long enough to post.  (aren't you glad).

As for my creative process, I tend to take an idea, and turn it on it's head, then go from there.  It's much more fun that way. 

I was supposed to 'tag' 3 bloggers, but, I only got one tagged so far.  Missy of Missy's Homemaking Adventures.  Missy also collects vintage sewing machines.  Missy and I had the chance to meet in person earlier this summer.  She's just as sweet in person as she is online.  Missy's turn to post will be next Tuesday, October 7th. 



  1. Cheryl, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures on this post! I love the vintage machines displayed on tables with beautiful quilts under them! Now the big question is, do you own a quilt shop or is this in your basement. It looks SO ROOMY! I am jealous of all that space. My sewing room is in a walk-in closet sized space.

    I also found something we really have in common - I seldom follow patterns. I like to do things my own way and the way that is easier for me which is not always the same as the pattern designer.

    Thanks for joining the Around the World Blog Hop. I have yet to find time to go exploring there.

  2. Nice to get to know you a little better.

  3. Congrats on the Blog Tour. It's always good to know that others are working on numerous quilts at once!

  4. Sorry for chickening out. I love your post. My sister made an autograph quilt to be won at a family reunion. It also had copies of vintage photos. (11 years younger makes one a bit more tech-savvy)
    I think current quilt magazines are all geared to machine piecing. If you do things by hand... there is no way to follow instructions...ha ha..

  5. I love that you are creating quilts that are all your own. That's my favorite way to work to. I hardly ever use a pattern and when i do i alter it a ton! And i always look forward to your posts, so i would never complain about more. Sorry i haven't gotten to comment as much lately . . . We are going through teething lately and i haven't had much time for the computer but i have been reading as the little one sleeps on me!

  6. Love reading your post and seeing your machines/projects!


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