Sunday, September 21, 2014

Heritage Quilt Guild Show

Yesterday was the 2nd day of class for the table runner that I'm teaching at church.  2 ladies are almost done (sorry, no pictures yet).  We'll meet again in a couple of Saturdays to finish the table runners.

After class was over, I drove to New Lenox, IL to check out a quilt show.  I've been to this guilds quilt show in the past.  They put on a nice show.  I did take some pictures of some of the quilts that I liked.

Dresden Plate with Pinwheels by Beverly Rauman

Lavender Peace by Sue Barnhill

the flowers are prints, not applique
 The next quilt is striking, but the quilting on it is fantastic!
Bear Paw Kaleidoscope by Chris Bast, quilted by Mary Golojuch

look at the quilting on this

Erin Russek, from the blog One Piece at a Time, designed this quilt top as one of her BOM's.  She's starting a new Block of the Quarter soon. 

A Little Bird Told Me I Could Applique by Marie Blunk

Here are some more quilts.
Holly & Mistletoe by Arlene Moloney

Wild Flowers by Mary Shroba

The next quilt was made using her great aunts blocks.

Butterflies are Free by Frankie Caruso, blocks by Pat Schulo

15 Guitars for our 15 year old Guitarist by Carol Richards

Nordic Snowflakes by Karen Edgar

A Breath of Spring by Marie Blunk

This next quilt was made, using Mark Lipinski's Quilts of Valor pattern, and made for her husband, who served in Vietnam.
Patriotic Quilt by Cathy Boo
 Another quilt using her great aunt's blocks.
Turtle Pond by Frankie Caruso, blocks by Pat Schulo

My Lucky Stars by Arlene Moloney

The next quilt was the Mayor's choice.  Easy to see why.
Forgotten Garden by Gail Stepanek

This quilt was made with an embroidery machine for the blocks.
Sew Demented by Diane Greenfield

Bubble Bubble by Donna Stevens

This quilt was made, using her mothers hankies.
All Dressed Up by Kay Johnson

up close of one of the blocks
I had to include a Halloween quilt, since it is so close.
Wacky Jack by Vickie Skinner

 This quiltmaker says she has 2 pregnant dragonflies in this quilt.  She wonders if you can find them.
Two Pregnant Dragonflies by Barbara Wrobel

This is another way to use family ties.  She made several of these table runners, one for each child of the tie owner.
Remembering Dad by Donna Stevens

I loved all the spiderwebs and spiders on this quilt.  She says that each spiderweb is different, just like real spiderwebs are all different.
Amish Attic Windows by MariLynn Bergmark

up close of some of the spiderwebs

up close of some of the spiderwebs
Garden Trellis by Carol Richards
 This next quilt was hand quilted.
Texas Star by Elaine Vorreyer

hand quilting

Red, Blue, White Pioneer Quilt by Sharon Fritz

Summit Square by Sharon Fritz

 This last quilt was outside the quilt show room.  It didn't say who made it.

I have been busy this week, but, no pictures.  I'm in the process of making 297 HST's for a new Quilts of Valor quilt.  I'm also finishing the 4th & 5th sets of Canning Jar blocks for my exchange. 

I have lots to do this next week.  I'll be setting up another demo at the Kendall County Historical Society's Fall Festival at Lyon's Farm next weekend.  I need to figure out what machines to show off.  My space will be smaller than it has been in the past, since they are moving several of the vendors inside my building.  In the past, I've had all the room I wanted. 


  1. I love quilt shows and really enjoy it when people visit them and post photos to their blog. It makes me feel like I was there. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for posting the quilt show pictures, always fun to see. I loved the handkerchief quilt with embroidered ladies, a unique way to use hankies. I wonder if she had a pattern?

  3. What a lovely show! Such a great variation of techniques, color, and design.

  4. Thanks for sharing the show. It's been a long time since I've been to a show here. That last one is gorgeous, well, they all are pretty only in different ways, I guess.

  5. Thanks for sharing your visit to the quilt show. I just love seeing quilts.
    I've also started to wonder what percentage of quilters rely on other people's patterns, what percentage of quilters change a commercial pattern, and what percentage of quilters design their own. That would be something interesting to know, wouldn't it? I'm thinking that 25 and 30 years ago, almost everyone designed their own quilt.

  6. Thanks Cheryl for sharing the quilt show with us. All are nice, but the hankie quilt tickles my fancy what a great idea.

  7. That show was a real treat. I like the variety and especially the quilts that use vintage blocks. It shows a lor of respect to finish up what someone else has started.

  8. What beautiful quilts with some exquisite quilting! Sounds like you are super busy - I'm glad it's with quilting! Can't wait to see the table runners from your class..~Jeanne

  9. I've never seen hankies used like that before, I've seen them made into butterflies.


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