Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lyon's Farm Fall Festival

This weekend was Fall Festival at Lyon's Farm.  This is the 3rd year I've been asked to set up a booth and display my machines.  Since this is for the Kendall County Historical Society, I only bring treadles and hand cranks (my choice).  This is a two day event. 

On Saturday, my friend Marilyn came with me.  She had stitched a few blocks on 'Betty' my 1941 Singer 66, at our quilt guild show last March.  Hand cranks are still new to her. 
Marilyn sewing on Betty
After a while, Marilyn got tired of hand cranking, so, I cheated and put a motor on Betty.  This morning, I turned Betty back into a hand crank again.

Here are some pictures of my booth.
'Victor' my blue treadle

some of my machines and toy machines displayed

some hand cranks, set up to sew

The kids, especially the boys, loved the hand cranks, and watching me treadle.  I let several kids stitch on the hand cranks.

The first year, I had this whole building to myself.  It's a big building, and it was a bit lonely.  Last year, the Quilter's Dozen (the hand quilters in the middle of the room) moved over to this building.  I know several of them, so, it was much better.  This year, they let several vendors move inside, instead of having to set up outside.  Lots of new friends. 

Well, I stitched all weekend long (between chatting about machines).  I did get lots of stitching done.  I only stitched on Victor, my blue treadle.  I was enjoying using him too much to switch to another machine. 

Here is some of what I stitched this weekend.
lots of 3 cornered charm squares and sashing with cornerstones for 2 quilts

2 fall 60 degree table runner tops

2 apple 60 degree table runner tops

2 beach themed 60 degree table runner tops

another 2 beach themed 60 degree table runner tops

2 flowered 60 degree table runner tops

last 60 degree table runner top (that makes 11)

lots of little 9 patches (1.5")
On the way to the festival on Saturday morning, Marilyn and I stopped at a yard sale.  Marilyn spotted this quilt top, and I bought it (she didn't want it).
yard sale quilt top
When I layed this quilt top on the floor to take a picture, I could tell why this top had never been quilted.
lots of puffy areas across the quilt
Whoever made this top stretched the bias a lot.  It puckers all over.  There is no way to get this to lay flat.  I figured that when I saw it at the yard sale, but, since I'd never quilt it, it didn't matter.  I draped it across a chair, and added it to the booth on Sunday. 

So, what did you do this weekend???


  1. Sounds like a fun AND productive weekend! I hope you enjoyed the same great weather we had - it was perfect! Our town pumpkin festival was this weekend - lots of fun but I wasn't very productive. ;)

  2. I would enjoy visiting someting like this. Look at all you accomplished!

  3. What an interesting and fun weekend you had. And you managed to do quite a bit of sewing at the same time. I especially like your table runners. Do you have a special ruler to make them?

  4. Wow! You really DID get a lot of sewing done!!! All those table runners - whew!!! Love the peek at your machines :)

  5. My weekend was no way near as fun as yours! Lol.

  6. Wow you got a lot done and it sounds like a fun way to do it. I love all of the table runners.

  7. What a great booth you have! I hope many people were inspired by seeing your wonderful machines and projects. Great yard sale find!

  8. That looks like a lot of fun and I love the way you set up your booth!


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