Monday, October 13, 2014

Mountain View, Arkansas

My Family reunion was this past week in Mountain View, Arkansas.  We started this reunion 32 years ago, and I've only missed one reunion (I choose to go on my honeymoon instead).  Our reunions are every 2 years. 

Jack, one of the local family members, has General 'Black Jack' Pershings staff car from the Mexican war.  I got to ride in this car, during the 'tour' of the family sites.
General 'Black Jack' Pershing's staff car

I rode up front
Pershing had 2 drivers during this time.  You might recognize their names, Rickenbacker and Patton.

Since it rained most of the weekend, and there was mist and clouds covering most of the scenery, I only got a few pictures.
near Sylamore creek

the old farm near Sylamore creek

the river below Gayler cemetery
I did get to visit a few quilt shops on this trip.  Mountain View has a great quilt shop, The Quilting Bee, that I've been visiting for 10 years.  Daphne is the owner, and my hubby bought me my Janome 4800QC from her, 10 years ago, at another family reunion.

I also checked out several antique shops and flea markets.  I only bought a few things this time.  I didn't buy any full size machines this time :( , but, I did come home with 2 toy machines, and some other goodies.
Kay-EE Sew Master toy hand crank

Singer toy hand crank

decorated oil can and vintage globe pin cushion

new and vintage notions

some new fabrics (sorry, the whites didn't come out well)

I'm already looking forward to the next reunion.  In the meantime, I got lots of signatures on the blocks that I made for this reunion.  They will become a quilt top soon.
signature blocks for the family reunion quilt


  1. I had one of those toy Singers....the beige one with the handcrank. I sold it on ebay when I needed some money. Later, on ebay, I saw one, and they advertised it as a paper cutter? Could it be? You will have to check it out.

    It looks like you had a nice time. All your goodies are 'sew cute'!

  2. Oooooooo.....look at this!!! AWESOME!!!!

  3. That is so very cool. Love your acquisitions and how neat to make a signature quilt.

  4. Glad you enjoyed Arkansas. :) Your signature blocks for the family reunion are so awesome! -Brittany

  5. Love the toy machines! It sounds like you had a good trip.

  6. What a great week! Even when it rains, things can be fun! Love the car and its history. Looks like you did ok at antiquing and the quilt shop too. Great idea for a signature quilt too. I think I would have chosen my honeymoon over the reunion too! ~Jeanne

  7. Family reunions are such fun. Lovely location. How nice that you could also shop.

  8. What a lot of fun! That pin cushion is very unique!

  9. I got a kick out of the "New Vintage". Our family reunion is every three years in Minnesota. (and it was going on when I was a baby so it is old) I remember my sister making a quilt with signatures and old photos printed on fabric. I think my Dad won it but don't know where it ended in up. That would be quite a treasure.

  10. You've just given me an idea for our Parker family reunion next year (started by us (the grand parents) 3 years ago! )

    Will plan to get some blocks made and signed by all for next year - now to decide on what blocks to make - as if I needed to plan another project (when I have loads I still have to complete!)

  11. I can't believe you chose to go on your honeymoon instead of the family reunion... LOL You are so funny.
    Signature quilt is looking good!


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