Friday, October 17, 2014

Prairie Star Quilt Show

I went to a local quilt show today.  If you live near the Chicago area, this is a great show.  The show will also be on Saturday.  You can get info here.

There were lots of vendors, and the guild had a 'fabric' booth (fat quarters for $0.50, and fabrics for $2/yard) and also a members boutique.  Yes, I bought from both guild booths and some vendors (sorry, no pictures).  There were also books, magazines and patterns for sale, too.  I did get a couple of patterns (6 for $1). 

Don't worry, we did check out the quilts, too.  Lots of lovely quilts to show you. 
'Good for the Gander' by Sue Pawlowski

Mariner's Compass by Sarah Martin

Bali Wedding Star by Jean Campbell

Grandmother's Garden by Mary Winegar

Wipe Those Tears (hankie quilt) by Linda Harlson

Grand Old Flag by Cindy Krelle

Minnesota Nights by Sue Pawlowski

Grandma's Zipper Garden by Adele Jeschke

Noah's Ark by Joyce Cooper

Kathy's Christmas Memories by Shirley Dickenscheidt

Jumping for Buttons by Connie Kuykendall

Fourth of July by Emilie Pollman

Stained Glass by Jo Fritter

look how tiny these 9 patch blocks are

Colorful Dresden Plate by Jody Schoneck

Kinderplatz by Linda Slusar

Seeing Stripes by Chris Schwarz

Thanks, Jane by Chris Schwarz
 I love the name of this next quilt.
Lucy Boston Broke My Heart by Susan Strasser

Sweet Dreams by Mary Stewart

Heirloom Applique by Marion Schlindwein

She Wears Lilly by Sherena Titus

Irish Eyes by Erica Barrett

Christmas Among the Pines by Emilie Pollman

Northwoods Living by Diane Hubberts

Long May It Wave by Debbie Long

God Bless America by Lois Larson

Stars and Stripes by Elvira Illig

Desert Sky by Chris Berry

Autumn Posies by Lyneta Grap Piela

Mod Pop by Chris Berry

Broken Pickle Dish by Nancy Gambrel

Dancing Oriental Umbrellas by Mary Conway

Here a Chick-There a Chick- Everywhere a Chick Chick by Beth Martin

Henry's Zoo by Donna Fowler

Crazy Compass by Dixie Riley

Constellation by Dixie Riley

10 Little Rubber Ducks by Darlene Musur

Black and White and Red Allover by Kathy Elvin

The Farmer's Wife Goes to Chicago by Elaine Morgan

Grandmother's Secret Garden by Beth Allendoerfer

Windswept Ladies by Georgia Rodney

These are just a few of the lovely quilts.  I hope you enjoyed them.  Check out the quilt show if you can. 

PS:  They even had a Cafe', dessert was wonderful.


  1. Oh my goodness!!! So many amazing quilts! Such talent!

  2. Gorgeous quilts - thank you for sharing.

  3. Lovely Quilt Show--thank you for showing it! i loved the Stained glass quilt and Windswept--altho' I'd be very hard pressed to pick a favorite....hugs, Julierose

  4. Wow! These are all stunning! I don't think I can even pick my top three! It sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing. ~Jeanne

  5. Thanks for taking so many photos. Great quilt show and lots of inspiration.

  6. They are all beautiful bur I really favor "Irish Eyes". Thanks for showing us a little piece of the show.

  7. I can't believe the prices of that fabric. I don't know if I would run there first or see the show first. I really love that selection of quilts.

  8. I love quilt shows! So much inspiration!

  9. Wow! I wish I lived closer - I'd be there today!!!! Some of those quilts took my breath away - lots of different types of quilts too. I know you enjoyed the show. Thanks so much for sharing the pics!!!

  10. An amazing bunch of quilts, thanks for sharing your pictures, Cheryl.

  11. Thanks for the eye candy and the inspiration! I KNOW how much time it takes to crop and upload all those photos, so double thanks.

  12. Serious eye candy! The colorful dresdens really caught my eye. I also love the QOV quilts.

  13. Thanks for all the pictures!

  14. I loved seeing all of the quilts, thank you for sharing them!

  15. Thanks for the quilt show! It's always fun to see so many quilts.

  16. Oh my so many beautiful quilts and variety.

  17. Wow -- what beautiful quilts! I wished I lived nearby and could see them in person! There should have been more ribbons on those quilts! LOL! :)

  18. Thanks for showing all the quilts. What a variety. So many gorgeous quilts.

  19. What a wonderful show this looks like???? Thanks for ALL of the eye candy! My favorites were Stained know why MINI 9 PATCHES.......and Stars and Stripes!

  20. What wonderful quilts - I just love the mariners compass, but that maybe because I'm ex-Navy. I just wish we could buy fabric as inexpensively in UK!


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