Saturday, October 4, 2014

Table Runner Class

Today was the last scheduled day of the table runner class at my church.  Three of the ladies couldn't make it, but, the other three did, and finished their table runners.

Emma, stitching on the binding

Joy, stitching on the binding

Susan, stitching the borders on her top
Emma and Joy are mother and daughter.  They were kinda 'racing' to see who would finish their table runner first.  Emma won by a few seconds.

Here they are with their finished table runners.  I provided kits in 2 colorways.

Emma and her finished table runner

Joy and her finished table runner

Susan and her finished table runner
None of these lades were in my first quilting class, last winter/spring.  They each did a great job.


  1. How fun to be able to teach what you love to do!

  2. They look like they enjoyed their day.

  3. I bet you enjoyed the day as much as they did. They look great!

  4. Great finishes! They must have had a great teacher to bring such good results.

  5. Oh I do love those finished runners--it would be hard to chose between colorways as they are both great...but I tend to the one Joy finished. Congrats on such a good outcome--you must feel really good...hugs, Julierose

  6. Good job, Teacher! All the finishes are great. Love the color ways you made up. Good eye!

  7. Good for you! It's fun to teach

  8. It looks like a wonderful project for beginners because they can do it quickly and learn so much!

  9. How rewarding it must be to be able to teach those you worship with! What a wonderful job they all did! Probably because they had an awesome teacher!


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