Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Little Bit Accomplished

I've been quiet, but, I've been busy.  Since I last posted, I've been to another Quilts of Valor sew-in, and unexpectedly gave a speech about QoV last night, since the State Coordinator was ill.  I only got half a day to prepare for the speech.  I think it went well.  Marilyn went with me, and helped.

I've also been sewing.  On January 15th, I was given some craft items, thru Freecycle.  Woohoo!  LOTS of great quilting fabrics, some other fabrics, notions, etc.  Some of the fabric I was given, were left over from a quilt the giver had made.  She had LOTS of 2.5" strips, in coordinating fabrics, and some yardage, of some of the same fabrics.  I did have to buy 3 more fabrics, so that I could finish all the blocks I'd cut out.  I ended up with 45 blocks, and made this, using 30 of the blocks.  Now to go make one more block, so I can make another, smaller quilt, with the last few blocks.
Rectangle Island finished quilt top
I bought enough of one of the fabrics, to make a backing for this.  I'll use the leftover strips (not enough to frame a 10.5" square) as the binding.  I think this quilt will be a graduation quilt for my niece, who graduates this spring. 

I also made 2 more blocks for my Mystery Row quilt block exchange.  This month's blocks are quilt shops. One block to keep, one block to exchange.  Notice the little sewing machines in the center of the window quilt blocks. 
block I'm keeping

block I'm exchanging
Last August, I was bad!  I took the hand crank off my beloved 1959 Singer Spartan and put the motor on it for the first time.  I'd never sewn on it with the motor attached.  I really  needed some 'speed' to get those 38 - 60 degree table runners made, along with some other projects.  Well, this week, I took the motor off, and put the hand crank back on the Spartan.  I made the Mystery blocks with the hand crank, and put the framed blocks together with the hand crank.  Boy did I miss my hand crank these past few months!
Mystery blocks made on the Spartan hand crank
Last Saturday, my large quilt guild had a sew-in, at a new location.  I used the day to cut out all the pieces for my son's wedding quilt. 
wedding quilt, cut out
The stack at the back will turn into HST's, using Triangulations.  The stack in the front will be sewn into strips, and sub-cut.  I did have to completely redraw the pattern that I will be using, since her pattern uses very different colors and is much smaller than this quilt will be.  I'll try to remember to take pictures of my version of the pattern, and put it in another post (and link to Jean's pattern & quilt).  Sewing all these HST's and strips on the Spartan hand crank will be fun! 

I did buy a new sewing machine this month.  I haven't even played with it.  I bought it, and my son has worked on it, instead of me.  I don't have lots of machines with (working) motors, so, this should be a great machine for loaning out for classes.
Kenmore 158.19412 free arm (1976-77)
 This is my first free arm Kenmore.  For $12.99, I couldn't go wrong.

As for classes, my little quilt guild is having a sew-in this Saturday.  Marilyn will be teaching how to make block holders in the morning.  I will be teaching how to make pin cushion/thread catchers in the afternoon.  I was supposed to get everything ready yesterday afternoon, but, I was re-writing the QoV speech instead.  Guess I'd better get everything ready. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Guild Party

Saturday was my large quilt guild's Holiday Party (Pride of the Prairie).  We have our Holiday Party in January, each year.  My friend, Marilyn and I have been busy making things for this party.  We hosted a table, and, instead of only having one person at the table win the centerpiece, we decided to make some special things for EVERYONE at the table. 

Since it was a 'Holiday' party, the ladies who planned the party decided that each table needed to be decorated, using a 'holiday' as it's theme.   We had to sign up, and choose what holiday we wanted to use.  I chose Sewing Machine Day. (yes, there is a Sewing Machine Day, actually there are 2 different dates, June 13th & Sept 10th).

We started by making sewing machine mats.  I made the mats, and quilted them, and Marilyn bound each mat.
4 (unbound) green sewing mats
4 (blue) unbound sewing mats
Here is what the mats looked like, finished.
green sewing machine mat

blue sewing machine mat
While I was making 8 mats for the party, I also made three sewing machine mats for myself (yes, I bound my own mats).  I made myself a blue mat, and a green mat, and....
my 3rd sewing machine mat
We used 2 of the extra mats under the sewing machines that were our centerpieces (vintage machines, of course).

Marilyn made everyone a coordinating coaster, to match the mats.
blue and green matching coasters
I also made up 8 kits that contained everything for each lady to make their own coordinating pin cushion/thread catcher.  The pin cushion/thread catcher shown was made by my son, as an example.
pin cushion/thread catcher  and kits
Here are pictures of all the decorated tables.  We'll start with Marilyn's and my table.
Our table
Here is our table, from the other side (you needed to see both sewing machines, of course) ;)
other side of our table (Sewing Machine Day)
Here are the other tables.
A Snowman's Christmas theme

Valentine's Day
The next 2 tables didn't say what they were, but, we were assuming they were both patriotic holidays.

4th of July?

Veteran's Day?
This next table was a 'Happy Birthday' theme.  I included some close ups of some of the 'gifts' they gave, too.

Happy Birthday!  They made 'tea bag holders' (on the plates)

they also made pin cushions with candle sticks (really cute)
This next table was celebrating Cinco de Mayo.  They made fabric 'boxes' and put chips in the fabric boxes (in ziplocks).  They had 2 different types of salsa, too.
Cinco de Mayo
This was a Grandparents Day table.  The centerpiece had several different 'names' for grandparents.
Grandparents Day
The last table was Thanksgiving.
Everyone who came got a small gift.  The hostess' made us 'button jars' with 'Happy Holiday' embroidered on the cloth.
button jar favor
We played a couple of games, too.  I love word searches.  We also played Mr & Mrs Right (left and right game) for boxes of candy.  The people who participated in the $15 gift exchange, also played a great game that told them what presents to draw (and steal from someone else).  Great fun!
word search
I hope that your Saturday was as much fun as mine was!

Monday, January 12, 2015

A Great Gift!

Dana, over at Stormy Days blog, sent me a great gift. 
mug rug from Dana
Dana sent me this cute mug rug, because it resembles the dog that we have currently,
Katie, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel
and the dog we lost last January.
portrait of Padfoot
This mug rug will go up in my sewing room, by one of my machines. 

Thanks Dana!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

December NewFO's (last one)

Barbara, over at Cat Patches has been hosting the NewFO linky party for the past few years.  This is the last one. 

I don't have much to show for December, since I was trying to finish projects, not start new ones.

I made (and finished) a stocking for my future daughter-in-law.
Krystal's stocking
I did add jingle bells to this, and, somewhere, I have a picture of Krystal with her stocking, but, I can't find the picture.

I'm in a Mystery Row quilt block exchange.  To get the next month's pattern for free, you have to make at least one block to exchange.  This is what the block for December is supposed to look like.
designer's example block
Thank goodness she extended the deadline for December's blocks to Jan 4th.  This is how far I've gotten.
working on this block

working on this block, too

rest of the pieces, cut out
I guess I need to go upstairs and finish these blocks.  They are due on Sunday.

Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Finishes and Machines

I did lots of sewing in 2014, but, I'm only showing finishes.

I learned how to put in a zipper in 2014.  I made 2 zippered pillowcases for hubby's camping pillow.
first ever zipper (pillowcase)

2nd pillowcase
I also made a set of dog booties for Padfoot, in January.
Padfoot in her booties
These booties only got to be worn for a week, since we lost Padfoot in mid January. 

I made several pincushions, some for a pin cushion exchange.
Marilyn's pincushion

pincushions with labels attached (the 9 patches were the labels) I made 3 of these
I also made 4 mug rugs.
mug rug

mug rug

I made 2 of these.  I kept one for myself
Michelle taught me how to make purses, when I visited her in February.  I've now made 8 purses.
my purse, made at Michele's in February
Krystal's purse and Michele'e purse

Betty's purse
These purses prompted the new owners or family members to ask for more, for other family members.
Rene's purse and Doris' purse

OU purses for Betty's daughers
I've been sent some very strong hints, from others, that they, too, want some purses.  I may be making more purses in 2015.  We'll see.  I still want to make me another purse, but, I haven't had the time to quilt the fabric yet.

I learned (then helped teach) how to make a 'Box Bag' at the Sewing & Quilting Expo.
Box bag
I need to make some more of these bags.

My aunt asked me to make a baby quilt for her first great-grandchild.
baby quilt
I got to meet the baby in October.  I also sent some matching burp rags.
burp rags
The Harry Potter group was asked if they could contribute Harry Potter themed items for a Make a Wish recipient.  This was my contribution.
Harry Potter themed mini quilt
I also got to finish one of the Quilts of Valor quilts that I'd made.  I seldom see my quilts, after I turn in the top (to be quilted by someone else).  This one came back to me for binding.
Quilts of Valor string quilt, finished
Erika asked me to make her a quilt for her graduation.  Here is her quilt. 
Erika's quilt
I finished another Quilts of Valor, that I had started.  This one also came back to me for binding.  I got to award it Memorial Day weekend. 
Quilts of Valor quilt
We had a block challenge with my little quilt guild.  We all were asked to make a block that will go into a Quilts of Valor quilt.  Here is the block I made, using extra HST's from the above quilt.
12.5" block
In July, I visited my aunt, Pat.  When I got home, I made this quilt top for her.  I haven't quilted it yet (bad girl). 
Pat's quilt top

up close of Pat's fabrics
I did finish a quilt in July, for my son's best friends wedding.  Here is Oliver's wedding quilt.
Oliver's wedding quilt

label on back of quilt
My son also asked me to make him something to hold his audio speakers in his car.  His car has LOTS of road noise, and, he has a hard time hearing his audio books while driving.  He said that this worked well.
headrest speaker holder (front)

headrest speaker holder (back)
While traveling in August, I used my mother-in-laws vintage Singer to make 3 satin & flannel baby blankets.
3 satin & flannel baby blankets
I finished the 'Birds on a Wire' wall quilts for my youngest son.
Birds on a Wire wall quilts
I also made a sample table runner for a class that I taught at church.  My mother got this table runner for her birthday.
Christmas table runner
I made a Quilt of Valor for my neighbor.  He finally got home this fall.  Karen quilted this for me.
Steve's Quilt of Valor
me, presenting Steve with his quilt
In September, I started a Mystery Row block exchange.  Here are the blocks that I've made so far (some kept, some exchanged).
Septembers blocks (1 exchanged, 1 kept)
October's exchange block

October blocks I kept
November block

November block (exchanged)
I was also in several block exchanges with my Treadle On group.  All the blocks have to be made on either a hand crank or treadle sewing machine.  I'm only showing the blocks I made for the Canning Jar exchange.
pickles, made on 1914 Singer 66 hand crank

carrots made on 1925 Singer 66 hand crank

peas made on 1925 Singer 66 hand crank

blueberries made on 1941 Singer 66 hand crank
I went crazy, cutting out 60 degree table runners this fall.  Most of these became Christmas presents.  Each one makes 2 different table runners (one long, one round).  I wound up with a total of 38 table runners.
8 Snowmen round table runners

there were 4 of these (I only show 2)

4 Snowman table runners

2 Apple table runners

2 Apple table runners

2 Beach themed table runners

2 more Beach themed table runners

4 Beach themed table runners

2 Sunflower table runners

2 Sunflower table runners

3 floral table runners

3 floral table runners
My son wanted a Christmas tree.  I made these, and sent one to him, and one to his fiance.  I kept one for me, that is hanging in my sewing room.
3 mini Christmas tree quilts
My son and his fiance came for an early Christmas.  I figured that Krystal needed a stocking.  Here is what I made her.
Krystal's stocking
I added bells to this.  I thought I'd taken a picture of it, with the bells on it, with Krystal holding it, but, I can't find the picture.  Oh well.

After Christmas, while organizing my sewing room, I found this quilt top, that I'd made for Quilts of Valor, a long time ago.  All it needed was the borders added, to make it large enough.  I added the borders, for my last finish of the year.
Quilt of Valor top, finished
Here are some pictures of what I'm doing in my sewing room.  I'm a long way from being finished.  As I pack up more of my son's stuff, I'm folding material on Comic book boards, so that I can see what I have.  I've been doing this since mid November.

some of the fabrics, folded and put on bookshelves

folded fabrics peeking out from under my ironing board

more folded fabrics (and lots of binders full of projects)

I have TONS of buckets of fabrics in the basement.  I hope to pack up everything in the closet (large walk in closet) and set up more shelves to put fabrics in.  I already have the shelves, I just need to pack up the closet.  Packing is the hard part since that closet is FULL and I can barely get in the door.  I wonder how many more UFO's I'll find as I go thru those buckets of fabrics?

Machines in 2014

As you all know, I also collect vintage sewing machines.  Here are the machines that I documented in 2014 (yes, I may have missed some).

Eldredge Chain Stitch machine (non-working)
1941 Singer 66 hand crank 'Betty'
Kenmore 158.13580 (1981)

White electric
Sewmore electric
New Home Type F electric

Universal (Italian) sewing machine
1903 New Home Type A treadle  (it will be headed to it's new home soon)
1953 Singer 401A
double sewing cabinet
Singer 301A sewing machine

toy sewing machine

toy sewing machine
1927 Singer 15 (in a base that hubby made)
Damascus treadle (needs a new home)
Kenmore 158.17530 (1969-70)

cams, etc that came with the Kenmore
13 sewing machines, 2 toy machines and a double sewing desk.  Not bad.  I've even stitched on some of those machines.  My son has claimed one (oops, I forgot to take pictures of another Kenmore I got in December, for him, not for me). 

Looking forward to another, stitching  year in 2015.