Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Little Bit Accomplished

I've been quiet, but, I've been busy.  Since I last posted, I've been to another Quilts of Valor sew-in, and unexpectedly gave a speech about QoV last night, since the State Coordinator was ill.  I only got half a day to prepare for the speech.  I think it went well.  Marilyn went with me, and helped.

I've also been sewing.  On January 15th, I was given some craft items, thru Freecycle.  Woohoo!  LOTS of great quilting fabrics, some other fabrics, notions, etc.  Some of the fabric I was given, were left over from a quilt the giver had made.  She had LOTS of 2.5" strips, in coordinating fabrics, and some yardage, of some of the same fabrics.  I did have to buy 3 more fabrics, so that I could finish all the blocks I'd cut out.  I ended up with 45 blocks, and made this, using 30 of the blocks.  Now to go make one more block, so I can make another, smaller quilt, with the last few blocks.
Rectangle Island finished quilt top
I bought enough of one of the fabrics, to make a backing for this.  I'll use the leftover strips (not enough to frame a 10.5" square) as the binding.  I think this quilt will be a graduation quilt for my niece, who graduates this spring. 

I also made 2 more blocks for my Mystery Row quilt block exchange.  This month's blocks are quilt shops. One block to keep, one block to exchange.  Notice the little sewing machines in the center of the window quilt blocks. 
block I'm keeping

block I'm exchanging
Last August, I was bad!  I took the hand crank off my beloved 1959 Singer Spartan and put the motor on it for the first time.  I'd never sewn on it with the motor attached.  I really  needed some 'speed' to get those 38 - 60 degree table runners made, along with some other projects.  Well, this week, I took the motor off, and put the hand crank back on the Spartan.  I made the Mystery blocks with the hand crank, and put the framed blocks together with the hand crank.  Boy did I miss my hand crank these past few months!
Mystery blocks made on the Spartan hand crank
Last Saturday, my large quilt guild had a sew-in, at a new location.  I used the day to cut out all the pieces for my son's wedding quilt. 
wedding quilt, cut out
The stack at the back will turn into HST's, using Triangulations.  The stack in the front will be sewn into strips, and sub-cut.  I did have to completely redraw the pattern that I will be using, since her pattern uses very different colors and is much smaller than this quilt will be.  I'll try to remember to take pictures of my version of the pattern, and put it in another post (and link to Jean's pattern & quilt).  Sewing all these HST's and strips on the Spartan hand crank will be fun! 

I did buy a new sewing machine this month.  I haven't even played with it.  I bought it, and my son has worked on it, instead of me.  I don't have lots of machines with (working) motors, so, this should be a great machine for loaning out for classes.
Kenmore 158.19412 free arm (1976-77)
 This is my first free arm Kenmore.  For $12.99, I couldn't go wrong.

As for classes, my little quilt guild is having a sew-in this Saturday.  Marilyn will be teaching how to make block holders in the morning.  I will be teaching how to make pin cushion/thread catchers in the afternoon.  I was supposed to get everything ready yesterday afternoon, but, I was re-writing the QoV speech instead.  Guess I'd better get everything ready. 


  1. OK, I just love those house blocks for your swap! And it wouldn't be a post unless you were showing a 'new' machine.

  2. Thanks for the lovely memory. I went to the old post about the block holders. There is a lily there and Felix F. that I remember well, and such a thoughtful write up. (heart)
    You are so busy, as usual.

  3. That looks like my Kenmore which was my first sewing machine but I paid a little more than you did.

  4. I LOVE the colors in that quilt. Good job!

  5. You've been a very busy bee and even given a talk without much preparation. Well done. Lovely projects all of them. I can't believe you prefer the hand crank to a motor on the sewing machine. Looking forward to seeing how the wedding quilt is turning out.

  6. That first quilt is very pretty. It features the fabrics really well

  7. Yes indeed, you have been busy! Love your squares quilt - those fabrics are totally FUN! And I'm so impressed - you gave a speech with so little time to prepare? I'd have been a nervous wreck!!! Your new machine looks like a little gem - I don't think I've ever seen a freearm one.

  8. Cute house blocks!! The sewing machine in the window is the perfect touch!

  9. I just love your finished quilt top! It is simple but so pretty. There is so much room for pretty quilting in it too.

  10. new computer, have tried twice to post comment, hope third time is the charm!
    That is one of the most-sought-after models of Kenmore. Fabulous score! I sold one with all the attachments a couple of years ago for $250. It will do EVERYTHING including a chain stitch. And I love your Rectangle Island. I started mine with plain white as the alternate color but I like yours much better!

  11. I would say that is a bit more than a "Little Bit"!
    Love it all.


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