Saturday, January 3, 2015

December NewFO's (last one)

Barbara, over at Cat Patches has been hosting the NewFO linky party for the past few years.  This is the last one. 

I don't have much to show for December, since I was trying to finish projects, not start new ones.

I made (and finished) a stocking for my future daughter-in-law.
Krystal's stocking
I did add jingle bells to this, and, somewhere, I have a picture of Krystal with her stocking, but, I can't find the picture.

I'm in a Mystery Row quilt block exchange.  To get the next month's pattern for free, you have to make at least one block to exchange.  This is what the block for December is supposed to look like.
designer's example block
Thank goodness she extended the deadline for December's blocks to Jan 4th.  This is how far I've gotten.
working on this block

working on this block, too

rest of the pieces, cut out
I guess I need to go upstairs and finish these blocks.  They are due on Sunday.


  1. Cute stocking but I am fascinated with those blocks!

  2. Very interesting how those blocks are constructed. Love the Christmas stocking.

  3. What a cute stocking! Enjoy your projects

  4. I still think those are the cutest stockings!

  5. Don't let those blocks get the best of you Cheryl!!! They are going to be wonderful :) Love the stocking too!

  6. You can do it!! Your stocking is darling, I know she just loved it!! :)

  7. I like that block with the wavy line fabric.

  8. Your Quilter's Garden flower blocks were just so darn pretty withe the stripes. I really wanted one but didn't draw your number. Darn!
    Thanks for participating.


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