Sunday, January 18, 2015

Guild Party

Saturday was my large quilt guild's Holiday Party (Pride of the Prairie).  We have our Holiday Party in January, each year.  My friend, Marilyn and I have been busy making things for this party.  We hosted a table, and, instead of only having one person at the table win the centerpiece, we decided to make some special things for EVERYONE at the table. 

Since it was a 'Holiday' party, the ladies who planned the party decided that each table needed to be decorated, using a 'holiday' as it's theme.   We had to sign up, and choose what holiday we wanted to use.  I chose Sewing Machine Day. (yes, there is a Sewing Machine Day, actually there are 2 different dates, June 13th & Sept 10th).

We started by making sewing machine mats.  I made the mats, and quilted them, and Marilyn bound each mat.
4 (unbound) green sewing mats
4 (blue) unbound sewing mats
Here is what the mats looked like, finished.
green sewing machine mat

blue sewing machine mat
While I was making 8 mats for the party, I also made three sewing machine mats for myself (yes, I bound my own mats).  I made myself a blue mat, and a green mat, and....
my 3rd sewing machine mat
We used 2 of the extra mats under the sewing machines that were our centerpieces (vintage machines, of course).

Marilyn made everyone a coordinating coaster, to match the mats.
blue and green matching coasters
I also made up 8 kits that contained everything for each lady to make their own coordinating pin cushion/thread catcher.  The pin cushion/thread catcher shown was made by my son, as an example.
pin cushion/thread catcher  and kits
Here are pictures of all the decorated tables.  We'll start with Marilyn's and my table.
Our table
Here is our table, from the other side (you needed to see both sewing machines, of course) ;)
other side of our table (Sewing Machine Day)
Here are the other tables.
A Snowman's Christmas theme

Valentine's Day
The next 2 tables didn't say what they were, but, we were assuming they were both patriotic holidays.

4th of July?

Veteran's Day?
This next table was a 'Happy Birthday' theme.  I included some close ups of some of the 'gifts' they gave, too.

Happy Birthday!  They made 'tea bag holders' (on the plates)

they also made pin cushions with candle sticks (really cute)
This next table was celebrating Cinco de Mayo.  They made fabric 'boxes' and put chips in the fabric boxes (in ziplocks).  They had 2 different types of salsa, too.
Cinco de Mayo
This was a Grandparents Day table.  The centerpiece had several different 'names' for grandparents.
Grandparents Day
The last table was Thanksgiving.
Everyone who came got a small gift.  The hostess' made us 'button jars' with 'Happy Holiday' embroidered on the cloth.
button jar favor
We played a couple of games, too.  I love word searches.  We also played Mr & Mrs Right (left and right game) for boxes of candy.  The people who participated in the $15 gift exchange, also played a great game that told them what presents to draw (and steal from someone else).  Great fun!
word search
I hope that your Saturday was as much fun as mine was!


  1. What fun and how festive! Looks like a wonderful time.

  2. That looks like a lot of fun and a lot of work.

  3. Looks like a fun time! Love your mats, great idea for prizes. I'm sure everyone who sat at your table was pleased!

  4. I love the decorated tables! We do something similar for a church Valentines party every year in a town I used to live in. Each hostess decorates the table for her group and everyone in the group bring a dish for the meal. We eat like we do at home passing the food around the table. The entire hall is filled with wonderfully dressed dinner tables and everyone prepares food from the same recipes.

  5. Sounds like you all had a great time! Love Sewing Machine day... I'll bet there was a mad dash to sit at your table. Love the mats and thread bags/pin cushions. Lots of work...

  6. You and Marilyn certainly put a lot of time into making your table look fabulous! I would've loved to have had a seat at your table. All the tables look so festive.

  7. I sat at Cheryl's table and it was a lot of fun. I think we had the best-dressed table there!

  8. Oh that looks like it was fun, and I must say that your table appears to be the best decorated for the holiday. Great job.


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