Friday, February 20, 2015

Problems and Solutions: A Comedy of Errors!

My youngest son is getting married in a few short months.  He requested a quilt that he and his fiance could cuddle under while they watched TV.  He wanted big and bright! 

Last March, I found a pattern to use for the quilt.  Jean from Jean's Quilting Page had written the pattern, first as a Mystery quilt, then, the pattern was published in McCall's Quick Quilting magazine. 

Jean's pattern that I'm using
The McCall's version finishes at 59.5" x 59.5", which, according to my son, was way too small for them to both cuddle under, as he is 6' tall, and likes his quilts to go from his toes up to his ears. 

Since I was going to have to make the quilt longer and wider, I decided that I'd use 8 different colors in the quilt.  Actually, it has 2 shades of each of those 8 colors, along with black and white.  That's 18 colors. A shopping I went.
fabrics for the wedding quilt
more fabrics for the wedding quilt

I sat down and redrew the pattern to fit the colors I chose, and the size I was looking for.   I renamed this pattern.  As a mystery quilt, it was named Snake Dance.  McCall's changed the name to Twist and Shout.  Since this is a wedding quilt, to signify the joining together of two lives, I've renamed it Intertwined
my redrafted pattern
I was going to twist the 2 shades of each color around the black.  Oops!  What I thought was contrasting colors WEREN'T!
the oranges look fine

the 2 shades of aqua look almost the same shade
Back to the drawing board!
newly redrafted pattern

testing the colors, to make sure they look good next to each other
Cool!  This version passed the test.  I had already made 512 half square triangles, and cut out all the strips, ready to sew together, for the middles.
512 half square triangles

strips, stitched together, and,  half sub-cut
OOPS!!!!!!!  See if you can spot the next problem I encountered.
ready to start making the first blocks
See the middle strips?  They are cut correctly.  Unfortunately, the half square triangles are the WRONG SIZE!  Oops!  When I'd figured out what size of Trianglulations to print out, I picked the wrong size.  I needed 3.5" triangles (unfinished), but, instead, I chose 3.5" triangles FINISHED size.  Oops!  My HST's are all 4" unfinished, not 3.5" unfinished.  (can I scream now?!?!?!?)

Back to the cutting mat.  Thank goodness I just bought several more yards of Kona Black, and, that I also bought more material of all 16 colors, than I have needed (so far).  I have about 1/3 yard of each color left.  As soon as I post this, I'll head back upstairs to start cutting more strips, and sewing them together.  I was really hoping to have a complete row of twists done tonight, and maybe more. 

I also have to re-figure how large this quilt is going to be, since all my blocks will be larger. 

PS:  This pattern is really good, and easy to follow.  The problems have all been ME, not the pattern.  I would highly recommend this pattern to everyone to make.  Just don't make the same mistakes I've made.


  1. Great job making the quilt pattern fit your need. Love the colors you chose. I get spooked when I have to do quilt math which means there are times I don't do anything because I am afraid of making a mistake. I think you are doing marvelous.

  2. Great pattern! My son is getting married tomorrow, but thankfully his fiance's mother is a quilter and I'm sure she is making them a quilt ;-)

  3. Love your fabrics. I have just made this quilt but I drew the pattern up so I could foundation piece it. I used a black print in the centre, small black/white dots for background and a variety of colours and it finished really nice. Keep going, the wedding quilt is going to look fantastic.

  4. Well the good thing is that you went too big for the hst......just cutting those blocks down to the correct size is a lot easier than recutting all that fabric.

    I look forward to seeing the rest of your progress as you go along.

  5. So glad you have extra fabric. Are you cutting down HSTs or cutting new squares? I think it's the squares. If so, you might be able to use the smaller ones in the border The name of the quilt is perfect and I'm sure it will be too. Good Luck! ~Jeanne

  6. are brave to have re-configured this twisted quilt by brain matter. My brain could not do it, so on to EQ it would go. I probably would have gone with the original size and added borders to make it bigger, but that is just lazy me. Sure make the 'Double Wedding Ring' look easy as a wedding quilt, huh? Very thoughtful re-name and you will have a good story to tell your future grandchildren.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  7. It will be beautiful when you are done. You have the patience of a saint!

  8. The quilt is going to be wonderful and I like the new name for it, so much better. I've had the HST wrong size happen to me so many times that now I make the HST's and measure them to find out what size my other blocks should be.

  9. Couldn't you just cut the HST's down to the correct size? I love your quilt, it is going to be gorgeous!

  10. Love the new name! It's going to be gorgeous. Make one block first, then cut for the rest.... I know you know this. I wouldn't make the same mistakes you made - maybe. (LOL) I'd make other ones. Quilting is a series of problem solving. I know you can do it. The flubs will made a different quilt - someday.

  11. All that work! At least you'll have extra blocks to use in the border or the back of the quilt!! Glad you had extra fabric!! Can't wait to see this one finished. Good luck!

  12. It's going to be great! I love your colors!

  13. I think it's sweet that they want a quilt to cuddle under. And it will be bright, and you will overcome all issues!

  14. Great way to make it work. That sounds more like a king-size bed cover than something for watching TV under.

  15. wow, big and bright is right! sorry you had some problems, I hate when that happens. they will love this to cuddle on the couch. what size is it going to be? I have a couple of family weddings coming up and didn't want to attempt a big bedsize quilt, a couch throw sounds doable tho. thanks for sharing, it will be great! also love your blog background

  16. It's amazing that you are able to re-draw / re-imagine etc. like this! :) In the end it will be a masterpiece all of your own :)

  17. It's amazing that you are able to re-draw / re-imagine etc. like this! :) In the end it will be a masterpiece all of your own :)

  18. WOW CHERYL! This is going to be a stunner when you get the triangles figured out! I can sympathize with your frustration of cutting/figuring the wrong size. It will all work out in the end, and you may get two beautiful quilts out of it!

  19. Thats a great pattern!! I love your version of it. =)

  20. Your very brave to tackle the reconfiguration of that quilt ! And Your a mighty good woman if all you said was OOPS ! I say "well, hockey puck" (most of the time). I'll be watching your progress, love the colors !

  21. Cheryl, it will be perfect for him and fun for you to make. My daughter is getting married in a couple of months as well. Congratulations! I hope you adore his fiance' as much as we love our soon to be son.

  22. I totally missed this post....but I can see you got it all figured out. I love your did a great job!


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