Thursday, May 7, 2015

Kevin the Quilter, part 2

Kevin the Quilter spoke at my little quilt guild, Wego Quiltin' in Oswego, IL.  What a great presentation he gave!  If your quilt guild is reasonably close to St. Louis, I'd highly recommend scheduling him to speak. 

Kevin started the presentation by awarding a couple of Quilts of Valor, made from the block drive he had last Spring.  
MSG Brett Bartkoske, Army

Mike Rorie, Army
Mike Rorie and Brett Bartkoske, wrapped in their Quilts of Valor

Veterans and their families
After the Quilts of Valor presentation, Kevin started telling us how he became a quilter.  I'm not going to tell you everything (you need to book him for your quilt guild), but, I do have lots of great pictures.
Kevin, with the quilt his grandmother made when he was 5 (he got to help with some of it)

Kevin's first project, for his parents (as a kid)
 The next several quilts are ones that Kevin has made over the years for family members and friends.
using charm packs and layer cakes

using charm packs and layer cakes

I loved this quilt, sorry the colors aren't very good

for his niece (she loves purple)

Quilt of Valor using small scraps

made for a friend, using her scraps (she loves greens)

flying geese, using strings for the geese
 My hubby, John, helped Kevin hold the quilts. 
Dresden plate, using scraps
one of his newest quilts

made using the pieces cut off the sides of quilted quilts

more scraps

using 4 one yard pieces

more scraps, isn't it lovely

a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt

Double Wedding Ring, made for his parents 50th Anniversary
 Kevin designed Radar back in 2013 (you really need to hear how it came about).  What a great story.  Radar has been in several shows, including MQS (Machine Quilters Show) in Wichita, Kansas, and at Houston last Fall and Paducah this Spring.  Radar is a collaboration between Kevin and Ann.  Kevin designed and pieced the top, while Ann did all the quilting.  Make sure to check out her quilting.

the back of Radar

up close of Radar's back
Kevin talked about how he became a quilter.  He also talked about how he uses scraps, and, about 'batiks'.  If you want to know more, you'll just have to book him.  Oh my, did I mention that he did a GREAT presentation?!?!?!?!  All my ladies are sew inspired now!

After all of Kevin's wonderful presentation, Wego Quiltin' quilters had show-n-tell.

That will be part 3.


  1. Some beautiful quilts... you sure wouldn't expect a man to be making such great quilts. I love Radar. So colorful, and the quilting is amazing, too. Nice that he is getting some recognition for his work. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  2. Those are beautiful, I don't know who he is so I'm going to search him.

  3. It looks like he got a good bit of help from you on the machine maintenance and your group got a lot of inspiration in return.

  4. Kevin is amazing. Thanks for sharing his wonderful quilts.


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