Thursday, May 7, 2015

Kevin the Quilters visit, part 1

I had a fun couple of days.  Kevin the Quilter came for a visit.  He arrived Sunday evening, and, on Monday morning, we played with his sewing machines.

Kevin was given his grandmothers Singer 127 treadle a few months ago.  We started by cleaning up the treadle head (his father is restoring the base).
Kevin, cleaning his grandmothers machine

Kevin and me cleaning the sewing machine
The machine was very dirty, and took us quite a while to clean it up.  We both had fun.  Kevin now knows how to clean and maintain his machines. 

This is the Singer 127, after cleaning.  Kevin didn't even know that there were decals on the back of the machine.  I think he did a great job!
Kevin's Singer 127 with Phoenix decals
After we finished with the treadle head, Kevin and cleaned and oiled his Singer Spartan (his has a motor attached),  The Spartan just had lint in it.  Kevin did most of the work on this one himself.  I also showed him where to oil his Featherweight.
Kevin's sewing machines
When we were done, Kevin and I decided to visit my closest quilt shop, Prairie Stitches, in Oswego.  (sorry, no pictures).  We both had fun checking out the fabrics (and came home with new fabrics for both of us).

Kevin didn't just come in town to play with sewing machines.  Kevin actually came to speak at my little quilt guild, Wego Quiltin', in Oswego, IL.  His talk (and quilts) will be part 2 of this story..........


  1. Oh how cool to meet Kevin, and show him how to work on his machines!

  2. How fun. His grandma's machine is gorgeous. Anything he makes on that will be a sentimental journey. You're good peeps to teach him the maintenance part.

  3. sound like so much fun, only a quilter would understand

  4. That sounds like fun, spending the day with someone who shares your passion. It's really nice that you could teach him about the machines. :)

  5. The best thing about all that knowledge is the sharing.

  6. Lucky you to have some vintage machine play time with Kevin... and lucky him!

  7. Just about every guy I know loves one or more types of machinery, so its only natural for me to have my love for vintage & antique sewing machines!


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