Monday, June 22, 2015

Boxes & blocks

I have been busy, but, I couldn't show what I was working on.  I made 3 fabric boxes as gifts.  I gave them all away yesterday, so, I can show them now.

First, I made a box to hold a friends glasses, etc.  Her birthday is today, but, we celebrated at church, yesterday. 
fabric box
 This piece of fabric was on the 'freebie' table at quilt guild earlier this month.  I knew just what to do with it.  Bobbie wears glasses, and loves wild animal prints. 
box, opened
Hubby asked for a fabric box, using some of the camping theme fabrics I used for his camp pillowcases.  I made him 2 different fabric boxes.  One closes with velcro, the other one closes with snaps. 
corners, showing closures
both fabric boxes

top and bottom of boxes
I hadn't made these before, but, they were easy.  I have a couple of them that I've gotten at sales, etc, so, I just changed up the closures, since mine are closed with ribbons.  Hubby didn't like the ribbons.  Now hubby has one for beside his bed, and another one for camping.  I'll be making more of these.  I already have some fabric pulled.

I have been busy making Churn Dash blocks for some baby quilts, too. 
36 churn dash blocks

stitching churn dash blocks
I finished the last seam on all 36 blocks last night, but, I haven't loaded the picture yet.  I still have to square them up (the un-fun part). 

What have you been working on?  Blogland has been pretty quiet lately. 


  1. Love the boxes! The eyeglass/animal fabric is perfect - what find!!! ~Jeanne

  2. I hate squaring up blocks, by that time I am anxious to get the quilt top done. Churn dashes is on my to do list.

  3. I think CHurns are so fun and can be dressed up differently for almost any style quilt. I usually do up groups of 10 (that's with any block) at a time to break up the un-fun parts. I've made those boxes, but only with the ribbon ties, like the idea of the snaps.

  4. The fabric is perfect for your friend that wears glasses! What a neat personalized gift! Can't wait to see the churn dash baby quilts!

  5. I hate squaring up but have finally realized how important it is! I keep thinking that I should just get better at cutting and piecing but I sew on lots of different machines and each has its own quirks. Love the fabric boxes!

  6. Love the animals with the glasses. Cute boxes. I do groups of 5-10. Love churn dash blocks!

  7. That fabric is so fun, I'm sure it was on the freebie table because no one knew what to do with it, you used it perfectly. Squaring up blocks? Ugh.

  8. I love the animals in sunglasses too! So cute!

    True confessions: I don't square up my blocks. I lose too many points that way. I do some fudging the seam allowances, though, when I sew.

  9. I am just loving those churn dash blocks. I especially love visiting to find you sewing on one of your old collector's machines. It is just so enjoyable to me.

  10. Not working on much the past couple of days. Been very busy at work. I will get some quilting in on Friday.


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