Sunday, June 14, 2015

Slow Stitching Sunday

My large quilt guild is having a member challenge for our next quilt show, in March 2016.  This one is an easy challenge, I think.  We had to draw a pattern block (out of the hat), and use that block in our quilt.  The block can be as large or small as we want, in the mini quilt, but, the maximum size of the mini quilt is 20" square.  We can also embellish our quilts any way we want to.  Not sure if I'll embellish mine or not.  I can't think of how to embellish it. 

I drew 'Free Trade' as my quilt block.

I tried to cut and paste the block, but, it isn't working. 

I redrafted this block, to a 16" block.  I added borders, to bring it up to 20".  I actually made it a bit larger, and marked the 20" square on the top of the quilt.  It is easier to put it in the plastic frame, if I have a bit 'extra' fabric and backing added.  Since I didn't have any 'money' fabric, I decided to (finally) use some of my sewing themed fabrics for this block. Here is what I made.
Free Trade quilt block, with borders
I know that many others will use a tiny block in an art type quilt, but, that just isn't my style.  I went for straight forward and simple.  I won't win, but, I don't care.  It's fun just to participate.  

I pieced this on my 1959 Singer Spartan (192K) hand crank (of course), and decided to hand quilt it.  I doubt that any of the other challenge quilts will be hand quilted, since very few in this guild hand quilt.  The top is marked, and basted, ready to start the quilting.

quilting marks shown

up close of the fabrics used

backing fabric
My needles are all threaded, and, as soon as I post this, I'll head upstairs, and start hand quilting this. 

Hope you are also going to have a great 'Slow Stitching Sunday'!


  1. The perfect sized project for hand quilting... and made on a hand crank :)
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I like it and I would have done the same thing, I really like making big blocks like that.

  3. Love the fabrics you chose. That's a neat block. I'm also not an 'art quilter' although it is fun to see them. Your hand quilting is probably almost finished by now! ~Jeanne

  4. It's a great block, and you did a wonderful job! I love the way your sewing space is coming along as well!

  5. I'm still trying to finish my daughter's baby quilt, as she is due in Aug. I keep having to mow.


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