Thursday, July 2, 2015

Keeping Busy

I've been keeping busy, in the sewing room.  I've cut out 2 quilts, and started piecing both of them, in the last week.

I'm joining Jean's quilt along, Red, White and True.
Red, White & True Quilt Along
Here is what I cut out.
my Red, White and True quilt, cut out
And I stitched up the first part, and trimmed the blocks.
first part done
I don't like cutting quilts, but, this one went quickly.  There is plenty of time to join us for this project.  You don't have to do it in Red/White/Blues.  Jean shows other colors, too.  She also has 2 different sizes in the directions (throw size and twin size).  Mine will be a Quilts of Valor quilt, but, I may make another one, too. 

I also cut out a Frog quilt.  This is my design.  It will also be twin size.
Frog quilt
I started stitching this at my guilds sew-in, on Saturday.
strips for sashing and part of the Churn Dash blocks
I told you in the last post that I'm in a 'Churn Dash' mood.  Here are the finished Churn Dash blocks.
Frog blocks

Frog blocks
Now to trim the sashing strips.  The cornerstones are already cut.

I woke up early on Saturday, so, I decided to cut out some fabric baskets before sew-in.

I didn't make mine quite like hers.  I found several yards of pre-quilted fabric, a while back, and, I've been waiting for a project for it.  This only used a tiny bit, and some fabric from my stash for the lining and handles.  These went together quickly.  I didn't use any fusible, like she does.  I cut the fabric at home, but, stitched both baskets together at the sew-in, in about an hour (both baskets).
my completed baskets

baskets, already in use
 I'll make more of these.  They are handy dandy.  I may use them to store fat quarters.  If so, I'll need several more.  They are also great for putting projects in (as you can see in the last picture).

As for other quilty things, I have the twin size Churn Dash quilt on the dining room table, layered, and ready to baste.
Churn Dash quilt
 Sorry about the bad color, it really is a nice red fabric (when you don't use the flash).
backing for Churn Dash quilt
I need to get this basted, so that I can quilt it for Quilts of Compassion

I also wanted to show a great thrift store find I got last week. 
flying geese strips
I found these flying geese, already sewn together.  Each set has 3 separate strips of flying geese (total of 6 strips).  Can you see the price in the picture?  Each set of 3 strips cost $0.75.  I don't have a clue what I'll do with these, but, I just couldn't pass them up.  Maybe I'll take them apart, and make blocks with them.  Maybe I'll just put sashing between the strips, and make a quilt top.  I'm waiting for inspiration to hit.


  1. The Churn Dash is one of my favorite heritage blocks. Love all the froggy fun fabrics. And what a sweet find with the geese! Sure you will make them into something worth their prettiness.

  2. I am loving your blocks! I actually like cutting! That froggy fabric is very cute.

  3. Great blocks and love your froggy quilt. The red, white and true fabrics you chose are going to be gorgeous.

  4. Great find at the thrift store, I'm sure you'll have some ideas of inspiration. I need to make some of those baskets, they look perfect for so many things.

  5. Wow - you are really busy right now! Love the Red White and True quilt. And of course the churn dashes. I haven't made any fabric baskets for a while - using pre-quilted fabric is a great idea. Have a great 4th! ~Jeanne

  6. You have been a busy bee. Love your makings... what a good idea to make the boxes from prequilted fabric. You are an innovator. Happy 4th.

  7. Wow - you really are staying busy, aren't you? Great projects in the works!!!

  8. Seeing all your quilting projects and blocks makes me want to piece quilts. Then I remember all the ones that I have already pieced and have not quilted. Love the piecing part. Great baskets, and they do make great project holders. Good idea for fat q's, too. We are getting ready for the Pop's Concert on the Concho...I know you know about that. Happy 4th of July, Cheryl.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  9. So many wonderful projects! Cutting quilts is my least favorite part as well.....I don't mind ironing fabric to cut......but, cutting takes a while.....even with the accuquilt least it does for me because I like things so scrappy! I suggest you sash those flying geese to help keep the integrity of the original maker. Plus, it would be a cool looking quilt! Happy 4th!

  10. Red, White, and True will be fabulous!


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