Saturday, July 25, 2015

Red, White and True Step #4

I am participating in Jean's Red, White and True quilt along.  This is a fun and simple quilt along.  It is also quick.  I'd be quicker, if I wasn't making 3 different sets at the same time. 

I finished step #4 last night on all three kits.  I'll show the blocks from last week, along with this week's blocks, so that you will get a good picture of everything together.
Set #1, last week's blocks
Set #1, this weeks blocks
Set #2, last week's blocks
Set #2, this weeks blocks
Set #3, last week's blocks
Set #3, this weeks blocks
Jean has 2 different sizes that you can make this quilt, lap size and twin size.  It would be easily adapted to other sizes, too.  I'm making the twin size for all of mine. 

I'm ready for next Monday's directions.


  1. Your 3 versions look great! I love red, white and blue quilts, I should make more of them! I look forward to see the next set!

  2. I really like these blocks, thanks for posting about the quilt along!

  3. They are so pretty. You are doing well to get them all caught up! Great job!

  4. The blocks look like four arrows meeting in the center to me. Love the red, white and blue!

  5. It will be fun to see those blocks all together.

  6. This is a great pattern! Love your blocks. Looking forward to seeing your completed top. ~Jeanne

  7. These look great, I like the difference when you don't use the white to edge the colors, it really changes the look.

  8. All 3 versions of this quilt you are making are going to be wonderful! That's a lot of piecing to do!


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