Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Repairing a quilt

Several people asked me how I repaired the quilt that the dog chewed thru.  It was pretty simple, really.
hole that the dog chewed
The hardest part of this repair was finding a white fabric that matched this.  The white fabric (and the red fabric) in this quilt are poly-cotton mix.  I don't purchase poly-cottons, usually.  I finally found a white that was close (all cotton).  I cut a circle out of that cotton, that was slightly larger than the hole.  I blind stitched it on the front of the quilt.  You can see the circle in the picture below.
white fabric stitched over the hole.
Next, since the batting in this quilt was a poly batting, I pulled out a scrap of poly batting and cut an oval shape, slightly larger than the hole in the quilt.  I pinned it on the back of the quilt (no picture, since I wasn't going to blog about this).

Next, I found a pale muslin fabric that was closest to matching the backing fabric.  This time I cut a larger piece, since the fabric on the back was damaged in a slightly larger area.  I cut a square with rounded edges and blind stitched it to the back (yes, I moved the pin that was holding the batting in place).  You can see the muslin patch in the picture below.
muslin patch on back of quilt
I then took my Frixon pen, and lightly marked where the quilting should go, on the front patch.  This stitching was enough to hold the batting in place. (picture of the quilting is in the top picture).

Here is the finished quilt repair.  I bet you can't find the patch.
finished quilt repair
Nina picked her quilt up this afternoon.  She was very pleased with the repair.  Happy customer, happy me!


  1. Absolutely a beautiful save! You did a wonderful job, and know customer was over the top about it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Certainly that is a quilt worth saving and you did a super job. How fortunate you could match the fabrics so well. My hat's off to you!

  3. What a beautiful job! I've always wondered how a quilt could be repaired. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your process!

  4. Thanks for this, I think it looks great and with the quilting those patches won't show. You did great.

  5. You did a wonderful deed! I can barely tell where you repaired it!

  6. Great job, Cheryl! The quilting blends it all together again.

  7. Wow that is quite the undertaking for a small hole. Great job.

  8. Very impressive! What a naughty puppy!!!


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