Thursday, October 15, 2015

Guild Challenge blocks and Jamaica

I got home from the Texas & Arkansas TOGA trip Sunday evening (Oct 4th).  On Monday, Oct 5th, my little quilt guild met.  We turned in our challenge blocks.  The blocks had to be 12.5" square, and, had to be either a witch or a scarecrow.
here are all the blocks, pinned up
I took pictures of each block, so you can see them better (not the best pictures, sorry).
Marilyn's 'mini' blocks (it still needs to grow to the correct size ;)

my block
We have a new challenge, now.  We are to take our blocks, and turn them into something (tote bag, wall hanging, table runner, etc).  I left early, so, I don't know what the deadline is.

I left the meeting early, since we had to be up at 3am, so that we could get to the airport.  Hubby won a trip to Jamaica, thru work.  (Don't worry, I'm only showing a few pictures).

The trip was at an all inclusive resort.  It was great having lots of people wait on us, hand and foot.  The food was great, as was the service.  We got to meet several great people on our trip (locals).
private pool for the few rooms below our deck
 We took one tour, to a plantation.  It was a great tour!  Our tour guides were so knowledgeable and fun to be with.
plantation we visited

Winston and tour guide in training, Norbert

Alecia, who was a fount of plant and herb knowledge

 The tour bus stopped on the mountain road where a lady had set up her wares to sell.  She had made bags herself, and was also selling touristy items.
me, shopping on the side of the road

bag made in Jamaica by the lady in the picture above
We also took a picture with Sarah, who worked at the resort.  Sarah was great, and we saw her at meals every day.  She went out of her way, to take care of us.
Me, Sarah & Hubby
 Of course, we did see some fun sights.
Montego Bay

falls, on the mountain


Montego Bay Harley-Davidson shop
There was also a Harley-Davidson Jamaica shop in the airport. 

Do you remember the movie, Cool Runnings?  Well, in the airport, they have a replica bar, just like in the movie, that plays the movie on screens.
airport cafe

airport cafe (Cool Runnings on the screens)

airport cafe
It was a fun trip.  By the end of this trip, I'd been gone almost 3 full weeks.  I'm ready to be home for a bit.


  1. Those are lovely challenge blocks. What a fun theme. Glad you enjoyed your trip, and it's always nice to come home.

  2. What cute challenge blocks! Love them. Winning a trip - wow! Looks like it was great fun - you must have caught up a bit on your sleep along the way. ~Jeanne

  3. Wow, winning a trip to Jamaica is so fun and the pictures are beautiful, you could have shared more no one would have minded :) Love the challenge blocks, can't wait to see what you make with them.

  4. Great pics looks like a fun trip. You will think fondly of it during our long cold winters. Cute challenge blocks.


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