Sunday, October 25, 2015

Slow Stitching Sunday

I started a new project (actually, 8 of these sewing caddys) yesterday, at the quilt guild's sew-in.  I'd spent a day before cutting everything out.

Sewing Caddy from Jenny of Elephantz
Here is a link to Jenny's free pattern.  I am changing a few things up.  First, I've added some batting to my hexie.  I'm also going to change up how it is bound, and how the ties are added.

Here is what I've done so far....
I've made 2 of these, with this lace trim ( I ran out, so, had to change trim for the next 2)

here is the 2nd trim I used (2 like this)

there are 4 of these, and I've stitched on the hexies, too
You have to pay attention when you use directional fabrics, like the scissors above.  It wasn't hard.

I still have 4 hexies to stitch on, some decorative stitching, and, I need to make the pin cushions (added last, after everything else is done).  Here is what I still need to do (besides binding).
4 more hexies to stitch on, and the circles will become pin cushions
Here is what I'm using for the back of these.
I have lots of sewing theme fabrics, and, I'm finally starting to use some of them.  It is hard to cut into them the first time.  Now you know why I've been embroidering the sewing machines. 


  1. Very cute and love that sewing machine fabric - awesome!

  2. Very pretty. I have fabrics that I hoard, it is tough to cut into them.

  3. I thought you were embroidering the sewing machines because they were so beautiful :) This is a great project, Christmas presents for sewing buddies?

  4. Cheryl, this is so darling! Thanks for sharing the link, too!!! :)


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