Thursday, April 28, 2016

An Exchange, A Win and Some Sewing

Just before I left for Texas, I mailed my two Functional Bags in for the exchange with my Treadle On group. We have several different exchanges that we can participate in each year.  These are the bags I mailed in.
bag with brown zipper was for the exchange, hubby got the bag with the green zipper
grocery bag for exchange
The bags I got from the exchange arrived the day I got home.
from Lisa

from Denise
I'll enjoy using both these bags.

Also, shortly before I left, I won some blocks from Erin.  These blocks were waiting for me when I got home.  I think they will make a great quilt.
32 blocks from Erin
It took several days for me to get organized after my trip.  I needed to get everything put away (lots of goodies and machines).  I'm finally starting to get some stitching done.
string blocks on Betty Sue

strings and string blocks
Bonnie Hunter will be coming to my quilt guild in May.  I was signed up for one class, Tulip Fields, from String Fling, but, I'd also put my name in for another class, Happily Scrappily Irish.  Well, last week, I was told I could take Happily Scrappily Irish, from Adventures with Leaders and Enders, too.  Woohoo!  Oops!  I don't have that book!!!  Well, after calling several local quilt shops, I had to order the book.  Meanwhile, I needed to start cutting fabric for both classes.  Thank goodness, one of the ladies from my guild provided me with the info, so that I could start pulling and cutting fabrics.  I'm almost done (just a few 2" squares left to sub cut).  My book arrived yesterday.  I'm almost all set.   I stitched all my string blogs, and trimmed them, for Tulip Fields.  I've also stitched all my triangles for Tulip Fields.  Bonus, I only bought one fabric for both quilts (sashing for Tulip Fields).  The rest is from my stash.  No, I'm not using 'scraps'.  I'm just not good at using scraps.  I pulled yardage, and, cut both quilts from the same fabrics.  See all those blues, greens and teals above, well, my strings are made from them for Tulip Fields, and, my 2" squares for Happily Scrappily Irish are also cut from them. 


  1. Cute bags and I can't wait to hear about your classes with Bonnie Hunter.

  2. Cutting is my worst part... good idea to cut two at the same time. Genius! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.

  3. You will love Bonnie. I took a class from her almost 2 years ago. If she came closer, I would take every one she had. I may not like all the quilts, but you learn so much and she is genuine.

  4. My sewing machine broke down a short time ago. No sewing until I get anther one.
    Came in from Sue. If you fine the time stop by for a cup of coffee

  5. I'm sure you are going to have fun with those blocks from Erin and the classes too. I am in envy of those who can cut straight with a ruler and rotary cutter and sew straight too. There is a reason I make those pencil marks and cut by hand....

  6. That sounds so great to be taking classes with Bonnie Hunter, you made me laugh though when you said you're not good with scraps, isn't she the queen of scraps? Pretty fabric, whatever you make will be beautiful.

  7. You are smart to get as much done ahead of time as you can. I came home from a workshop in September with two blocks completed.

  8. Nice to get all the precutting done ahead of time for the class. It will go much quicker! Have fun with Bonnie!

  9. I've taken two classes with Bonnie. You will have fun!

  10. I just love your purple machine. My favorite color!


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