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No, not like in 'Animal House', this TOGA (Treadle On Gathering and Academy) is mostly respectable people, who collect vintage sewing machines. 

I finally got to attend the NorthEast Texas TOGA in Lone Oak, Texas.  I was born just a few miles away, and I've wanted to attend this TOGA ever since I heard about it, shortly after I joined Treadle On, way back in 2009.  Attending the NETX TOGA was the best of everything for me (TEXAS, bluebonnets, TEXAS, vintage sewing machines, TEXAS, visiting family, TEXAS...).  Texas is my home state, I'm just seriously misplaced at the moment.

The TOGA started on Thursday, March 31st, and went thru Saturday evening.  It was a very packed 3 days.  There were demos, every half hour, on Friday and Saturday (some repeats).  There was a 'hospital' table, with three 'doctors' working on machines.  Of course there was the raffle table, too.  There was a raffle quilt (no, I didn't win it :(.  There was fun, vintage sewing machines, food, vintage sewing machines, new friends (did I mention vintage sewing machines?) and lots more.  There was even a large area with quilting fabric, notions and patterns for sale.

Janice & Gina

Kay, Sue and others

Dr Lisa, working on a treadle for Bonita

Dr Margaret, working on a machine, with Lillian & Valerie looking on

several ladies working on projects
 The fabric, notions and patterns (and a few machines) were from a member of this group who had died last fall.  What a great way to remember her, and, help her family find homes for her quilting stash.  I was a very good girl, as I didn't buy too much.
ladies looking over the de-stash sale
The hospital tables were busy for all 3 days of the TOGA.  There was a sign-in sheet, so that you would get your turn. 
my Willcox & Gibbs, and another machine, on the hospital table
Riley & Lisa, working on my W&G on Friday
 Dr. Lisa (who found me my Willcox & Gibbs chainstitch machine) worked on the handle and the belt on my machine.  We are still working on finding a spool pin for this machine, but, I can sew with it now, as long as the thread spool is in a coffee cup).  Dr. Riley helped, too.

Everyone who came to the TOGA signed in, and got a name tag.  92 people signed in over the 3 days.  Wow!  This is a LARGE TOGA!  Of course, many of those only came for one day, not the 3 days.  There was a large group that came for the whole event, too.  There were about a dozen or more ladies who worked hard, to make sure this event ran well.  What a great job they all did!
basket of name tags
I did mention that there were a few vintage sewing machines sitting around?  I only got pictures of some of them.  I should have taken pictures of all the machines that were for sale, too.  I didn't even get to see all of those (darn)!
left for Riley, under his table (Singer 15)

Bradbury? hand crank

Willcox & Gibbs

Kenmore hand crank

my new (to me) Bradbury Family VS

Margaret's Kenmore hand crank

Singer 127???

Japanese 15 series, on the hospital table

I did get some sewing done on Friday, when it was slower.  Saturday was way too busy to get much stitching done.  On Friday, I made a bag for Lisa.  Lisa also picked up my Bradbury hand crank for me, and delivered it to the TOGA. 
Lisa's new bag

inside of Lisa's new bag

Lisa with her new bag
I didn't get the french seams done on this bag until Saturday.  I made the bag on my purple featherweight.  Not very easy, since there isn't much room under the arm of the machine, to get the whole bag under there.  This was the 2nd bag I've made on that machine.

Saturday was the really busy day, with lots of people who came for only one day.  Lots of demo's (some were repeats from the day before).  I attended several demo's over both days.
Margaret, demo'ing snap bags
Lisa did a demo on how to make an apron using a men's shirt.  I was her model, and also, her 'seamstress', stitching on one apron, while she showed how to mark and cut on another shirt/apron.
Lisa, checking the fit of my apron

Lisa, showing how to mark the apron for cutting

Lisa, explaining the details
Here is my completed apron.
me in my new apron
All parts of the shirt are used in the completed apron.  The sleeves and other parts that are cut off, are used to make the binding/ties on the apron.  You can even add pockets to the bottom part. 

Gina was teaching several ladies how to shuttle tat.  She did a demo, but, mostly, the ladies came and sat by us, and learned.  Gina made a lovely, lacy purple spool pin doily for my purple featherweight.  (Oops!  I didn't get a good picture of the doily).
Gina, teaching LaVonne (in hat) how to shuttle tat

Gina showing how to shuttle tat (Linda, in hat, was one of my 'roomies')

Of course, there were more machines being worked on at the hospital.
Howe treadle head (worked on all weekend)

Dr Riley, working on a New Home

Dr Lisa, showing Jennifer how to rewire a foot pedal

Dr Margaret, working on a Elna Supermatic
Sharon also stitched most of the weekend.  She was using her black 301A (I'd love a black one, I have 2 beige one's).
Sharon, trimming her blocks
Gina sat across from me all weekend,  Sharon sat beside me.
Gina and Sharon (Sue, behind)

There was a block exchange, too.  Only 12 of us participated.  Somehow, I never got a picture of my finished blocks. 
block exchange participants, holding their blocks
 Shorty before the BBQ dinner and the raffle, there was a vintage sewing machine float contest.  Five of us participated.

1st Place winner

the machine is now permanently attached, so, this will be showcased in her home

2nd Place winner, Bluebonnets with a white featherweigh

3rd Place, Plymouth branded machine

another angle of 'Plymouth Rocks' (see the rock on the bed of the machine)

under the sea themed float (Singer 185J)

she had shells, and fish earrings hanging from her 'coral' doily, along with 'seaweed'
Here is my entry.  Hubby got me the battery operated lights.  Of course, I used Betty Sue, my purple featherweight, and all the accessories I made for her, earlier this year.
front of my float

back of my float
It was a fun time.  Everyone got a chance to vote, while they waited in line for their BBQ supper (YUM).

After supper, we had the raffle.
some of the raffle items

There were TONS of raffle items on, around and under those tables. 

The last thing was the drawing for the raffle quilt.
raffle quilt with the winner
 After 3 full days of TOGA, then clearing everything away, there were some of us left at the retreat center.  Several of us stayed at the retreat center every night (more fun than a hotel, and driving back and forth).  My room was next to the large room used for the TOGA.  I had 2 great roomies (Janice & Linda).  Sew much fun!

some of the ones left, late Saturday evening.


  1. Sounds like a fun time was had! This is on my bucket list, but so are a lot of other things!

  2. Glad you finally made it to the NE TX TOGA! Nice to meet you. Didn't know you were born/grew up in the area. The bluebonnets gave a good show this year for you!!

  3. I really enjoyed the NE TX TOGA! It was good to put a face to a favorite blogger. I had fun sitting and sewing next to you. The wild flowers were so pretty.

  4. Wow, looks like a super time! thanks for all the photos and write up!

  5. I hope they have the floats next year too, that looks like fun! I won't be teaching next year so I hope to make it to the AR TOGA and TX TOGA. You should have a TOGA in your area! I love how you said mostly respectable people came. LOL

  6. You must have been exhausted, but it looks like you had a lot of fun with your tribe :)

  7. That is quite an event! I'm so glad you got to go and enjoy. It sounds like every minute was packed with fun! ~Jeanne

  8. Sounds like a fantastic time Cheryl! Thanks for telling us all about it so we could enjoy it through your eyes and camera :)
    Loved the float idea!

  9. Thanks for sharing your pictures. It looks like a great event. I hope to attend one sometime.

  10. Wow that looks like so much fun, and so much going on. All the gorgeous machines, and learning and sharing.

  11. I had to look up this post again so that I could get ideas for my float for this year.


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