Wednesday, June 1, 2016

2nd Bonnie Hunter quilt top finished!

I finished the 2nd quilt top from the Bonnie Hunter workshops.  Woohoo!  I took this Tulip Fields class on Wed, May 18th.  I did do prep work before the class.  I redrafted the pattern to make the blocks 'supersized'.  Bonnie's blocks finish at 7.5" (4 flower blocks with sashing) while mine finishes at 15".
my redrafted pattern
The Tulip Fields pattern is found in this book.
String Fling by Bonnie Hunter

Bonnie's version has LOTS more tiny blocks
Here is the center of my quilt (no borders yet).
76" square center of quilt

I made 70 string blocks for the border and also, for another project,  The border took 42 string blocks.
70  8.5" string blocks

string border strips, ready to be stitched onto the center of the quilt
Here is my finished Tulip Fields quilt top.
Tulip Fields quilt top

my son holding the Tulip Fields quilt top
I'm going to stitch the extra string blocks together to make a long, narrow quilt, to cover our pillows.  Hubby doesn't like pillow shams, so, this will make the pillow area of our bed look nicer.  I haven't decided if I want to make a few more Tulip blocks or not.  I have enough material.

All the fabric in this quilt, except the rust colored sashing, is from my stash.  It didn't make a dent.  I've used up most of the background fabric, but, I have yards and yards of the red left (and all the other colors, too). 
up close so you can see the background fabric better
 This quilt top was stitched on my purple Featherweight, Betty Sue.
Betty Sue, stitching on borders
It was fun using an electric machine, since I usually use hand cranks.  I gave Betty Sue a good cleaning and oiling before I started stitching the borders on.  This quilt will be for ME!  Other than some small wall quilts, or quilts from block exchanges, I don't have any of my quilts.  I always give my quilts away.  Not this time! 

Both quilt tops, from both Bonnie Hunter classes, finished, in a month!  That may be record breaking for me;)

Here is the other quilt I finished last week.
Happily Scrappily Irish
I have a mammogram in the morning.  I may take the day off from sewing.  I do have some things I need to get ready for the Michigan TOGA (Treadle On Gathering & Academy) June 10th-12th.  If you want to know more about the TOGA, here is a link to last years post.  


  1. I don't know anyone other than Bonnie Hunter who can turn out two of her quilts so quickly! I like the super sized blocks.

  2. Congrats, they look fabulous


  3. Congrats on another finish - love to hear you are keeping a quilt for yourself.

  4. Great job! I am still way behind, just plugging along!

  5. Your quilt is gorgeous and i like how the blue string pieced border picks up the blue from the quilt. Nice job.

  6. Wow, both quilt tops turned out lovely I really don't know which one I prefer. Well done and good for you for keeping one for yourself! Good luck with the mammogram!

  7. Oh, I just love the string block border! What a super idea and the colors are terrific!!

  8. Cheryl, I really love the blue string block border -- it is sew perfect!

  9. You and Betty Sue do good work. LOVE your Tulip Fields quilt top!!

  10. Beautiful tulip quilt. The string block border is a perfect addition to the quilt.

  11. Your border is the perfect touch for this quilt! Have fun at the TOGA.

  12. You have been really busy, the string border looks so good on the Tulip Fields quilt, I really like the colors you used. Congrats on two finishes and good luck at the doctors.

  13. Both of your quilt tops are lovely, and your purple Featherweight is ADORABLE!

  14. About time you made yourself a quilt. Love it!!

  15. Just beautiful! The border works so well with your quilt top. I don't have a quilt I have made. I have a few that were gave to me. Need to make me one.

  16. Just beautiful! The border works so well with your quilt top. I don't have a quilt I have made. I have a few that were gave to me. Need to make me one.

  17. The tulip quilt is beautiful. I really like the idea of "super sizing" the blocks. That would make it much more doable for me. Good idea!


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