Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Batesville, Arkansas

I've been to my family reunion, in Mountain View, Arkansas.  We just got back on Sunday evening.  We left the Sunday before, so that we'd have a few days to 'play' before the reunion. 

One of my 'play' days was in Batesville, Arkansas.  I met up with another vintage sewing machine collector at Marshall's Dry Goods.  I'd heard of this store, but, I wasn't prepared for the size of it.  They sell to the public, but, they also sell wholesale.  I didn't enter the HUGE wholesale area (thank goodness).  Thousands of bolts and flat folds of fabrics.  There were already thousands of fabrics on the retail side of the store.  When I arrived, there was a van with California plates, that was trying to figure out how to fit all the fabric in the back (it was STUFFED full). *(Hey people, they will ship).

Here is a picture of Deena and I.
me and Deena
I figured out that I purchased a little over 99 yards of fabric (Oh My)!  Thank goodness the most expensive quilting fabric they had was $4.99 a yard.  I purchased mostly $1.99 & $2.99 per yard fabrics, along with some $1 per yard scraps.  I do have plans for most of the fabrics.
probably for Quilts of Valor, etc

couldn't resist the 2nd from the bottom, and found more fabrics to go with it

sewing themed fabrics (yes, there were lots more, but, I was good)

background fabrics

misc fabrics I couldn't resist

After we left Marshall's. we went to lunch, then we went shopping at several antique shops in the area.  I only found a few things I couldn't resist. 
wooden toy hand crank
Of course, I found a great teapot.  Not only does it have a sewing machine on the top, but, it says 'Rosemont, IL' in two places (Rosemont is where the International Quilting Show is every year, and is only a bit over an hour from me).
sewing machine on top

one of the Rosemont, IL labels, and also London, that I've also been to

I love Jim Shore.  My mother in law bought this same figurine a few years ago.  I just had to have my own.
Jim Shore Thanksgiving figurine

These were just my Batesville goodies.  I'll have to meet up with Deena again, before the next reunion.  We had a great time together. 

I'll show more goodies in another post.  Hope you all had as fun a week as I did.


  1. 99 yards! WOW! You don't mess around. How impressive the prices, too. Good for you...

  2. The closest big store I have ever been to was Hancocks of Paducah during a very long bus trip to see the Show. The prices were not as good as yours, but the selection was overwhelming. So good you could meet up with Deena.

  3. Marshall's is a place I'd love to visit! They are my favorite online store.

  4. Wow, what a store! Would be 7th heaven for me and I don't blame you to have made the most of it, especially with those fantastic prices. I really wonder how they can do it. I'm lucky if I can find a fabric which is below $ 15 here in Switzerland.

  5. Yeah, I have relative in Arkansas and know where Batesville. Next trip to see them will include a detour. Thank you

  6. Love your fabrics and all those buys.....great shopping!!! I am partial to those turquoise ones :) Sounds like you had a great time.

  7. Wow! That is quite a store! Love your new fabric and your other buys!!!! I'd say you had a grey play day! ~Jeanne

  8. You couldn't make it an even 100!! I would love to go visit this shop, but have to take a U-haul with me cuz I would fill it.

  9. I obviously need to visit Arkansas! Love your acquisitions.

  10. Which one of the beautiful ladies are you. The tall lady with the reddish hair or the other lady with the gray hair? Both are lovely.. you hit the motherlode on fabric. I love those kinds of shop. We would have had to go to the truck place and get a trailer hitch!! Because I would have had to come home with a trailer load. That is some really nice fabric. I love your emails and posts!

  11. I love Marshall's. I need to go again, but my stepmom does not live in AR anymore, so I have not had a chance to stop. You'll have to let me know when that quilt show is, maybe we can work our trip to Chicago around the same time. We still need to finish Route 66 after all!

  12. An amazing trip and a spectacular haul! Way to go!

  13. Oh my gosh, what a fabric mecca!!!I've checked out their web site and I agree that place is huge! I'm so glad that you got to shop there, I'm almost happy that it isn't that close to me.. that would be bad news!!

  14. Love the fabrics. Wish I could be a little mouse in your scrap basket. Oh, and I can't believe that teapot!

  15. I have visited Marshalls as well! Glad you were able to go! Now I see why you bought so much fabric! LOL Great teapot find to go with your collection!

  16. So many pretty fabrics! That black fabric in the misc pile I have loved and used many times. I am sadly down to my last scrap! Sneaks off to look at the website... ;P Looks like you had a great trip!


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