Saturday, November 26, 2016

Batik Star Block Exchange

I participated in another TOBE (Treadle On Block Exchange).  This time we made Batik Stars.  We have to make our blocks on either a treadle or hand crank.  I made 2 different sets, using 2 different hand cranks.

my first block

1914 Singer 66 hand crank (Lotus Decals)

my 2nd blocks

1927 Singer 15 hand crank (Gingerbread Decals)
I was so busy making these, that I forgot to make blocks for myself, like I usually do.  Thank goodness I got one of each of my blocks back (I did mention that I'd be happy to get one of my blocks back).

Here are the blocks I got back, from the 2 sets.

As you can see, I only got a couple of duplicate blocks.  Some used the same fabrics, but, made different star patterns, and, some used the same pattern, but, different fabrics, so, only 3 blocks are the same. 

I don't know how I'll put these together.  It should be a fun quilt (or two) when I'm done.  These blocks are all 12.5".

I have one more exchange that I participated in, that will be coming.  It's a pin cushion exchange.  I can't wait to see what exchanges there will be in the year to come.  I've participated in exchanges for several years now, with Treadle On, but, I haven't made a quilt with any of my blocks so far.  One of these days, I'll have to pull them out and start putting them together. 


  1. your blocks, and they will make great quilt or quilts:)
    Btw, got your beautiful card...perfect for the season and thank you for prayers. Hugs.

  2. Love your blocks. I'm always amazed what you all do with one hand to guide and one to crank. I don't think I could do that.

  3. Beautiful blocks! What a fun exchange. My overall favorite block is your first block - I love how the gold intertwines. ~Jeanne

  4. Love those blocks Cheryl. especially the first one. yummy.Block exchanges are fun.

  5. Ok, I need to lay mine out tomorrow and photograph them. I made 8 extra so I could make a 4 x 5 quilt. Great blocks, all!

  6. Beautiful work. Look forward to seeing the finished quilt.

  7. They are all beautiful! Whatever you do with them will be gorgeous, even all of the different colors look so good together.

  8. Cheryl, did you paper piece the first one? thanks!


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