Friday, November 11, 2016

Happy Veteran's Day!

This picture of my grandfather, during WWII, was at my family reunion, last month.  I'd never seen it before, and quickly took a picture of it

Carson Anthony Gayler, U.S. Army

My other grandfather was in WWI and WWII.  I don't have a picture of him in uniform, but, I've seen pictures.  He was in the Navy, and, during WWII, he was recruited into the OSS.  

Thank a veteran every time you see one, not just today.  And, if you are interested, check out Quilts of Valor, and stitch a quilt for our veterans.



  1. My Grandpa was in WWI, my Dad was in WWII, Hubby was in the Vietnam era, and I have some further back in the Civil War. My 2 sons are/were in the military, too. I've very proud of them all.

  2. Love the old photos, and this one is great.

  3. My father in law was in WWII. He was stationed in France and the Philippines. He never talked about his time during the war. But we are proud that he served.

  4. Great photo and great memory. We do need to honor veterans in tangible ways, like quilts.


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