Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Guild fun!

Last night was the Holiday party with my little quilt guild, Wego Quiltin'.  The Holiday party is always fun, but, this one was extra fun.

For the last year, this quilt guild has been making quilts for an organization that houses boys, ages 13-17.  The boys usually only stay for 18-24 months.  They work with DCFS to find relatives to take these boys, or to find them foster homes, if that doesn't work. 

Last January, the guild decided to help these boys by making quilts for all 8 of the boys.  8 different members signed up for a month, and, when their month came around, they brought block kits, and members went home with kits, and brought back the completed blocks to the next meeting.  The person who signed up, then took the completed blocks, and finished the quilts.  Nancy, who works for the organization, came to our Holiday party, and picked up the finished quilts.  Of course, we had to show her each quilt before we sent them home with her.  The person pictured with the quilt, is the person who headed up that quilt. 

Jinny with quilt she finished

Jo with one of her two quilts

Phyllis with her quilt

Jo with her other quilt

Myriam's quilt (she couldn't make the party)

Thelma and her quilt

Gwen and her quilt

Marilyn and her quilt
We played a fun game at the party.  We each brought 5  - 5" charm squares in polka dots.  We had LOTS of fun polka dot fabrics.  We played Left Right Center.  Jo won all the polka dot squares, and will bring a completed quilt to a future meeting. 

We also presented our Exchange gifts.  In September, we drew names, and made either placemats or table runners for the person we drew.  Each person had listed what their preferences were (item, colors, etc).  I didn't get pictures of everyones presents (I was handing them all out) but, I have pictures of what I made and what I received.

I drew Jo, and, she didn't want placemats or a table runner.  She wanted a wall hanging for her 'shop', preferably using her favorite colors, turquoise and purple.  I think I filled her request.  I used her wall hanging for some of my practice with Pat Sloan's machine quilting challenge.

front of quilt

center panel, quilted

up close of corner quilting


I even added a matching label (I'm not good at labels)
Jo was pleased with her wall quilt.

I received placemats from Phyllis.  My dishes are either red, green or white (yes, I have several sets).  Phyllis made reversible placemats that would work with all of my dishes.
front of placemats

back of placemats
These will be fun to use.

Marilyn and Kandy also made everyone gifts.  Marilyn made sacks with pockets, that hold sugar cookie mix, recipe, and a rubber spatula (who doesn't need a new rubber spatula).  Kandy made us all pot holders.
pot holder and front of cookie sack

back of cookie sack
We took pictures of everyone in the guild that was there.

guild members with the quilts in pillowcases
I've been a member of this quilt guild since the very first meeting, 13 years ago.  This is the most fun quilt guild, and, since we are small, we really get to know our members.  If you aren't a member of a quilt guild, I suggest you join one or start one.  I get so much inspiration from these ladies.  Because of this guild, I've learned so much about quilting, new techniques, and many other things. 

Today, I'm off to a Quilts of Valor sew-in.  Later in the week I have another quilt guild meeting (larger guild), and ornament exchange at church, and the Ladies Crafting with church, on Saturday.  A really busy week. 

I have been stitching up a storm, too.
chain stitching Bear Paw blocks for 2 baby quilts

some of the completed Bear Paw blocks
I still have 4 placemats to bind, for this Friday.  I'd better get busy.

Have a great week!


  1. Wonderful quilts and I like how you make them as a group.

  2. Sounds like fun! You are so busy. Love your wallhanging for Jo and the placemats you got. Bear Paws for baby quilts - why didn't I think of that! My great grandson has been called Little Bear since he was known to be a he. A B. Paw would have been the perfect pattern for his quilt.
    Have fun the rest of the week. I know you will.

  3. Wow, what wonderful quilts for such a worthy cause and hopefully the boys will know that someone cares enough to make quilts for them. I love a good quilt guild Christmas party. For me it's always the start into the holiday season.

  4. What a fun party! I'm sure the boys will all treasure their new quilts. The wallhanging you made is darling. I have some fabric similar to that backing. and all the gifts - Wow! ~Jeanne

  5. This just looks like so much fun, it really sounds like a bunch of friends getting together to sew and have fun. Love the bear paws in those colors.

  6. What a wonderful group of generous women you have surrounded yourself with! It was so kind of them to make quilts for a part of our community that is often overlooked/invisible. Love your search engine quilt :)

  7. I love the colors of your bear paw blocks. So bright and cheery!

  8. Looks like a caring group of quilters! I love all of the quilts made for the boys and it is interesting how you made them instead of just having people donate a finished quilt. Much more personal for all involved. I joined a guild this past year and have been enjoying it a lot.

    1. Hi, noticed it listed me as unknown. Jean of Jean's Quilting Page

  9. Love your group and all that you do. I'm a member of a rather large guild, and there are so many cliques. I've almost quit a couple of times, but I love show and tell and the few that are friendly. Wish there was a small guild closer to me. I just want you to know how lucky you are!

  10. Some great quilts there for a good cause. I agree about a small guild, they're the best!

  11. Great quilts and what a nice organization to donate to. Looks like a great time was had by all.

  12. Your guild is full of fun and friendly quilters! Looks like you had a wonderful party. Great job sharing your talents with these young boys and men! Your wall quilt is perfect for your friend's shop! Merry Christmas to all!

  13. What an exciting post! All the quilts are beautiful and I'm sure those boys will be thrilled to receive them. You are doing such a great job with the bear paw blocks, Cheryl. And the wall quilt is so cute! Made me laugh! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!


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